So you want to be an executive speech coach do you?

Last week I received an email asking, “I would like to know your rates and process for executive speech coaching.”  I responded, “That all depends on my client’s situation. Our first logical step is to have a conversation. Based on your experience and budget I can advise you.”

Next, she admitted she wanted to do the same…be an executive speech coach. In case you are interested, this is what I wrote back. The advice would be true for ANY service you are offering.

1. Do you have the expertise? It is not the same skill helping someone write and deliver THEIR message as it is to give your own speech.
2. Are people already asking for this specific service from you already?
3. You promote executive speech coaching in the same way as any other business.
4. Fee…what do you charge for your other services? It should be in line with you other offerings.

What I did not tell her…I became a speech coach for other speakers, executives, and celebrities after over 20 years of presenting to audiences in many industries, of all sizes, in 48 states, and on several continents. At that point, I had heavily invested in other highly priced and very experienced speech coaches. (Two of them, now retired, send all their inquiries to me.) Over the years, I have studied through coaches, teachers, and classes about screen writing, comedy, marketing, sales, copy writing, and some acting. Each time I ask, “How does this relate to more effectively relating to an audience and giving a speech?”

Every time I go to a Las Vegas show, (which is often!), I ask, “What can I learn from what these performers do that will help speakers?” For example, every Las Vegas singer will open and close their show with their best songs.

In case you are wondering, “How does this relate to my presentation?” On two different occasions at National Speakers Association seminars, I have interviewed Paul Richards, of California Guitar Trio, on how they put together their “set.” Paul told us, “There is a lot of variety. You appeal to your long time fans, newer fans, and first-time attendees. You play what they want to hear (your “hits”) and also your new songs in order to sell the new CD! Paul, Bert, and Hideyo met on a retreat with my brother, Robert Fripp, of King Crimson fame. None come from California!

My brother, who is a legendary guitarist (42nd best in the world according to Rolling Stone magazine), says a performer has to be, “Reliable, Repeatable, and Responsible. Each time they walk on stage it is as if it is for the first time. An assumption of innocence within a context of experience.” That is exactly the same for a presenter.

LaCroix & Fripp

Will my email sender put up her shingle as a speech coach? Who knows? I am not quaking with fear at the thought of another competitor! However, as I mentioned to my attendees at the Patricia Fripp Speaking School, “To teach others to be better presenters you do not have to be the BEST speech coach…you just have to know MORE than they do.”

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