Getting Paid to Speak by Next Week: Your first engagements

Getting paid to speak by next week: how do you get your first engagements?
Then, once you are getting booked how do you get invited back?
These were the topics on my event with Darren LaCroix.

Do you dream of becoming a professional speaker?

Do you want to get paid for your talks?

Do you want to market your business through speaking at service clubs?

After all, that is exactly the way your scribe Patricia Fripp started her journey to become a professional speaker when I was San Francisco’s top men’s hairstylist. For fifteen years I was solidly booked yet had to build the business for my staff who were not the shameless self promoters I was!

One of my partners in World Champions Edge, Darren LaCroix  who was the Toastmasters International 2001 World Champion has a great service for new and emerging professional speakers “Get Paid to Speak TV.”

On Thursday, June 25 I was his guest. Check out the recording!Recording:

If you enjoy it you can watch Darren’s past events. Next time I will be with Darren for this FREE event is Friday, August 21. Our initial topic before we answer questions is “How to sell from the stage…without selling from the stage.”