Sales Presentations How Do You Improve?

Life is a series of sales situations…and the answer is no if you don’t ask.

Everyday you sell yourself, your ideas, your value, your point of view, your product or your service. And the answer is no if you don’t ask. In sales we know sometimes the answer is no if you do ask. However, it is always no if you don’t ask. Every sales conversational and presentation is a missed or captured opportunity. Which will your next one be? Perhaps you agree…when it comes to sales conversation and presentations without consistency there is no quality.

It is better to be consistently good than occasionally great. If you have a large practice it would be nice to think that no matter which sales professional calls on a prospect they think, “Wow they must want my business. They sent me the best sales professional (or the best sales team.)” The question I pose to my clients and audiences, “Are you practicing to improve or to reinforce bad habits?” In reality you do both.

When we frequently deliver sales conversations and sales presentations, or deliver more formal presentations, we are reinforcing what we do well…and what could be less effective or distracting. The way for us to improve is to understand what we naturally do well. Understand why, name the technique so that we can repeat it under pressure and teach others; discover what we do that is distracting and replace it with a better, more productive habit.

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