Professional Speakers – Why You Still Need A One Sheet

Lois Creamer
Professional Speaker, Author, Branding & Marketing Expert, Lois Creamer

As a speech coach and the creator of Fripp Virtual Training, my clients include corporate leaders, media personalities, and even top-tier professional speakers. While I work with professional speakers to help them develop more powerful and persuasive presentations, my friend and colleague, Lois Creamer works with them to help them book more business, make more money, and avoid costly mistakes. Lois Creamer knows the speaking business! I share this article from Lois, who explains why – even in the era of LinkedIn – your speaker’s “one sheet” is still an indispensable marketing tool and how you can optimize your one sheet to increase your bookings. Enjoy my interview with Lois.

The Importance of A One Sheet to Your Speaking Practice
by Lois Creamer

I get asked a lot about one sheets. Usually the question is, “Aren’t they passé?” My reply is, “You only need one if you want to work.”

I’m very serious about one sheets and you should be too. They are still your primary marketing piece that can be used in a number of ways such as:

  • Mailer or emailer to prospect or client
  • Follow up email to prospect
  • Part of a handout if you use one
  • Information to have on a product table that people can take home
  • Left on each seat of attendees as a reminder of what you do and all you do
  • A script for when you are selling over the phone
  • A one piece marketing piece that can make any agent sound like they know you
  • And many more!

One sheets are a great exercise in drilling down on positioning and expertise. Your one sheet can be one sided or two. Here is the information that should be on the front:

  • Business portrait picture
  • Positioning statement  that describes you by concept and outcome of working with you
  • Speech titles and bullets that explain the take-a-ways the audience gets. Each should begin with an action word.
  • Testimonials of people who have heard you and loved you
  • Blurb about your expertise and yourself, although not a long bio
  • Social media addresses
  • Contact information

If you do a second side you may consider:

  • If you have a book a picture of the book cover and few testimonials
  • Perhaps you provide a list of sorts that deals with your topic that would be helpful
  • More testimonials
  • Short blog post
  • Client list
  • QR codes (quick response codes) that contain client list, link to videos, etc.

If you have all of the above on a one sheet you are golden! Over the years I have worked with speakers bureaus who have told me that one sheets are important to them; this is because they use them as sales scripts, just as I suggested you would. They expect you to have one!

Have your one sheet available to email and in a PDF file on your website so it can be downloaded. One sheets make your life easier, and everyone else’s who works with you! I can’t think of one negative associated with having one.

If you’d like to see a copy of mine, feel free to email me at and in the subject line, put “email one sheet”. You can use it as a template.

Regardless of what you hear, one sheets are here to stay! I’m glad because I think they make our lives easier!

Lois Creamer speaks from experience!  She works with professional speakers who want to book more business, make more money and avoid costly mistakes.  An expert in branding, marketing, and sales, Lois helps her clients increase their bookings, develop outstanding promotional materials, identify their target markets, qualify prospects faster and easier, answer sales objections, close more sales, find the decision makers, develop other revenue streams, develop their “sales speak,” and gain a competitive edge. For more information visit:

Thank you Lois!

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