About the Negotiations: Your competitive edge

Two of my smartest friends and most successful authors and trainers are Don Hutson and George Lucas. There are plenty of great bonus items with the purchase of the book…however…the book alone will help you solve the biggest and most frequent challenges of your life, not only your business!

About the Negotiations

Ever have a feeling in the pit of your stomach before a negotiation because you don’t want to leave a pile of money on the table? You are likely suffering from Negotiaphobia, and we have the cure.

In today’s competitive market, EVERYBODY can profit from learning better negotiation skills.

The One Minute Negotiator teaches you to do just that – Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements, by Don Hutson and George Lucas.

Being skilled negotiators, we’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse! Buy the book through this special offer and get $30 for every $1 you spend… a GREAT return on your investment!

Here’s what you’ll get:

* (52) VideoZine Tips: weekly 90-second video tips on how to be a better negotiator. (Value: $149)

* (4) Twenty Minute Teleseminars on negotiation strategies, tactics, and tips. (Value: $495)

You’ll get Total Value of $644 just for buying one book!

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Thanks and congratulations on your decision to profit from better negotiations!

Watch Don Hutson & George Lucas’s short interview on CBS.
Go to The One Minute Negotiator site. I hope you will agree Patricia Fripp does not recommend books or offers unless they are worth your attention.

Don Huston is a Hall of Fame speaker and a member of Speakers Roundtable.