Turn them off on your Intro and you’ll never get them back

You may be familiar with the comedy legend Judy Carter. She wrote The Comedy Bible and her books helped my pal Darren LaCroix find his funny self and turn that skill into a great career. For years I have been hearing stories from dozens of others that say very much the same.

I first saw Judy in action…and bring the house down…when she keynoted the National Speakers Association Winter Workshop. Judy has successfully accomplish what hundreds dream of doing…going from Comedy Clubs to Conventions. They are nicer hotels and venues and much better paychecks.

We are collorating on a seminar in June in Vegas on Finding Your Message. Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 5pm PST she in interviewing me.

Turn them off on your Intro and you’ll never get them back

By Judy Carter

 Picture this situation: you’re a comic or a corporate speaker and you’ve spent hours and hours prepping for your engagement, and now, the big day has arrived and it’s your moment to step on stage.  The emcee/host takes the mike and says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, have you watched “The Tonight Show” or “The Daily Show?” Well, this next comic…. watches them too!”  Now, you’re going to have to spend the next ten minutes trying to win over an audience that now thinks you’re a nobody.  In other words, whether you’re a comic or a corporate speaker, you can’t leave your intro to the imagination of an emcee. They usually don’t have one.

Goddess of Comedy Judy Carter & Queen of Speaking Patricia Fripp
Goddess of Comedy Judy Carter & Queen of Speaking Patricia Fripp

 Here’s a few tips on how to prevent a bad intro from ruining your gig:

Always come to your gig with your intro typed in huge letters. A lot of emcees don’t wear their glasses on stage. Make it easy for them to read your intro especially if they are over 40.

Tell the emcee not to improvise, just read it.

Work a joke into your intro. When speaking, I have a little joke at the beginning that tests the temperature of the audience. If they laugh during the intro, I know it’s a hot audience. If they don’t, I usually readjust my set since this audience is going to need some warming up…

Put your impressive credits right up front.  If you don’t have credits yet, find something that could impress the audience even if it’s from another field or your mother.

Give the audience an idea of what they can expect. I.e. “One of the top political satirists” or “Stress reduction expert.”

End with your name and if your name is anything other than Judy Carter, then spell it out phonetically.

Still need some help writing your emcee intro? Use mine as a template: 

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