The Journey to Simpler Living by Jeff Davidson

The Journey to Simpler Living is a book I have enjoyed and recommend. Jeff Davidson is a great author and has been very prolific. He is also a great speaker and a good dad!

“We have entered an age where the number of items that compete for our time
and attention speed toward us at a frightening pace,” says author Jeff
Davidson, whose latest book, his 56th, Simpler Living: A Back to Basics
Guide to Cleaning, Furnishing, Storing, Decluttering, Streamlining,
Organizing, and More, has just been published.

“Anyone who holds a position of responsibility in sociey today, maintaining
a job, bringing up children, caring for the elderly, managing a household,
feels the pinch. It seems as if all of society has sped-up, and there are
surprisingly few comprehensive resources to turn to.”

Against that backdrop, Davidson’s new book Simpler Living is a beacon in a
storm. Across 452 pages with more than 950 photos, Davidson takes readers on
the journey from complexity back to simplicity, offering three global-type
observational chapters, Davidson then spends the rest of the book, 21
chapters, on how an individual can achieve a greater sense of simplicity in
every room in his room, while traveling, at leisure, at work, in maintaining
nutrition, and in the overall quest for a balanced life.

Simpler Living represents the rarest of books published today, it is a
comprehensive reference book and at the same time a beautifully bound coffee
table gift book. The first time someone encounters it, invariably, there is
oohing and aahing. Weighing nearly four pounds, the beautiful blue cover,
fully illustrated, promises a wonderful experience within. And, the reader
is not disappointed. Reviewers have universally proclaimed it to be a work
of art. Page after page beckons the reader with lively writing and
illustrative photos that support the text.

Davidson suggests not trying to read the book all the way through, as that
task would be enormous for anyone. In fact, he doesn’t necessarily even
suggest reading a chapter all the way through, but rather, flipping through
to those areas where the reader is facing complexity issues. For example, if
it is difficult for you to use the space in your bathroom for all of the
items that you need, Simpler Living has many, many suggestions. So, flip to
that chapter, begin examining the tips, and put one or two of them
immediately into action.

That way, you feel as if you have some control over that section of your
house, and by and by, the habit will take hold. Likewise, there are chapters
on the kitchen, the rec room, the den, the living room, the garage, and all
other areas of a household. Simpler Living also offers tips on simplifying
your nutrition, commuting and travel, leisure time activities, and much

The book apparently has a universal theme. Three publishers in China are now
considering it for an English language version there, as 350 million Chinese
speak fluent English. Prospects also look good in Thailand, Korea, and in
this hemisphere, Brazil. If you’re interested in ordering Simpler Living, it’s
available online through all of the major vendors, including Amazon, Barnes
and Noble, and Powell’s Books, as well as bookstores everywhere. By whatever
means you order it, once you have it in your hands, you’ll learn, as so many
other readers have, that Simpler Living delivers on its promise.

Jeff and THE Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp are long time friends from the National Speakers Association.