Sales presentation skills expert Webinar March 11 & Bad Sales Words

Good and Bad Sales Words

As reported by my client David Behr who hired me to speak for his
Denver Competitive Edge seminar series. This is how he was trained
when he worked for top sales trainer Tommy Hopkins.

BAD – Cheaper
GOOD – Less expensive, more affordable, better value, cost effective.

BAD – Sign
GOOD – Authorize, endorse, OK, approve

BAD – Contract
GOOD – Agreement, paperwork

BAD – Price
GOOD – Investment, total amount

BAD – Problem
GOOD – Challenge

BAD – Appointment
GOOD – Stop by, pop in, visit

Q. What is it going to cost me?
A. Do you mean IF you hire me, or if you DON'T?

Fripp Sales Presentations Skills Webinar
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