Review by Lindsay Planner, Toronto All Music Guide Expert Review

“AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Innovation and Robert Fripp once again go hand in hand. Considered to be one of rock’s more enigmatic figures, Fripp has authorized this series of cassette tapes containing over eight hours of live and spontaneous questions and answers featuring Fripp interacting with 11 different audiences who initially had come only to hear a solo instrumental Sound Scapes performance.

These performances would consist of Fripp on solo electric guitar, which he himself describes as “bleating and droning,” after which he asks the audience, “Is there anything that anyone wishes to say?” With that, comments, criticisms, and kudos could be presented by any eager enthusiast willing to challenge Fripp’s infinitely clever mind and even sharper wit. In fact, no subject is taboo as he baits audience members to “ask urgent or otherwise burning questions.” Those whose inquiries are deemed thought-provoking and stimulating are given a badge declaring “I’ve Been Frippnotized!”

The buttons as well as the idea for the spoken-word project came via “The Sister,” internationally renown executive speech coach and Cavett Award winner Patricia Fripp. Fripp the sister, as she refers to herself in the context of her brother and his audience, produced and distributes the box set through her Speaker for All Reasons mail-order website, http// She introduces the package and periodically gives informative background regarding the venues or various comments made by Robert.

So what does Fripp talk about for nearly eight-and-a-half hours? Everything is the quick answer. The tremendous honesty and candor with which he approaches and reveres his life and craft gains him tremendous respect from colleagues and fans alike. Unplugged: Intimate Conversations With Robert allows Fripp to answer questions about his music as well as his life outside the public world. Among the subjects broached during these candid recordings: Why Fripp will often run away from autograph seeking fans, the events leading up to and resulting from Robert being locked out of his hotel room without his trousers on, as well as the multiple indignities of being a working and traveling gigster. Unplugged: Intimate Conversations With Robert portrays Fripp as shocking, funny, revealing, and, above all, human.”

—From an Online Review by Lindsay Planner, Toronto All Music Guide Expert Review