Public Speaking Training..don’t touch it!

As an executive speech coach who teaches public speakers of all levels there are many elements beyond your words and delivery that add to your credibility. In my public speaking training to men I say "Take your hands out of your pockets." To women "You can spray it, gel it, cut it, pin it, just do not touch it!" Yes…your hair!

My East Coast Fripp Associate Sims Wyeth wrote a great message about the subject. Enjoy and learn from it.

“Susan Boyle has brought the issue of appearance to the fore. Bottom line? It's hard to make it in this world without good looks and good clothes. One thing you can control is your hair.
I have clients who don't know what to do with their hair, so they fiddle with it while speaking to the Board, or to prospects.   Not good! 

 Your hair should not be drawing attention to itself when you're presenting your ideas for consideration. If your hair wants attention, let it get all prettied up at night when you go out.  When you're presenting, you want your intelligence and your character to get attention, not your hair.
 Therefore, fix your hair so that it does not shimmer, wiggle, wave, or otherwise transfix the average dude. Make it a non-issue. Hillary used a hair band. Now she's got her "do" lacquered down with ValSpar. 

 I remind you that being in business is akin to being in the military. We all wear quasi-uniforms, we all take orders from the boss, and we all need to march together. There's not a lot of leeway for tucking your hair behind your ear 6 times a minute. 

I like the bumper sticker philosophy that you see on pick-up trucks: "Git 'er done!" Gals, git yer do "done" and then git up there and show us what yer made of: good sense and guts!”
Sims Wyeth