Presentation Skills Tips form Jim Cathcart: Confident Communication

What a great day April 1 has been! This morning I presented at the Golden Gate Breakfast Club.
This was the first group I spoke to in 1976 outside of the hairstyling industry. In 2000 I became their first female member. The speech was "Tales from Strangers in Hotel Rooms: It is Not a Conversation it is Conversational"

Part of the promotion said "Patricia Fripp spends her life locked in corporate board rooms and Las Vegas hotel suites with fascinating men she has never met before and walks out with a big fat check!
We will hear some fascinating life experiences that Patricia helped her clients craft
into awesome stories." The group enjoyed some of the stories I have heard from executive and celebrity clients.

At the end of the day I interviewed my friend and member Jim Cathcart.
This was for the coaching community World Champions Edge. Jim is a perfect example of setting a goal, getting the education you need to succeed, maximize your message with great stories and audience involvement.

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