Is Cold Calling Fun? Not Unless…

Is Cold Calling Fun? Not unless you know how! This morning THE Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp…yes me! was reading my inbox and found the video from CanDoGo. This is a video service and I have created many of my own. Not only do they give you the video they give you the content.

This can help you with your business for 2011

The Anatomy of a Cold Call – The Five Critical Objectives
By Keith Rosen
“What do I need to accomplish in the first few minutes of every cold call I make?” “What’s my overall objective of a cold call?” These questions rank up there as two of the top questions I’m asked. If you’ve been following my last few posts, I’ve been hyper-focused on the importance of sales benchmarking and identifying best practices.

In the spirit of simplicity, there are actually five core objectives during a prospecting conversation which I’ve listed below.

First, introduce yourself. Identify who you are.
Next, provide the person to whom you are speaking with a compelling reason to speak with you. (What’s in it for them?)
Third, defuse their resistance. Create a pressure-free environment by getting permission to proceed with the conversation.
Then, guide them to your discovery/qualification step to get them involved and determine if there’s a fit.
Finally, determine the next step.
That’s it! Now ask yourself, does your system achieve these five core objectives?

© 2009 Keith Rosen

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