Increase Business Sales: Prospecting Tips for a Slow Economy

Prospecting Tips for a Slow EconomyPatricia Fripp Training

Frequently I am asked, “How can I prospect for more business?”

My favorite Frippicisim: It is not your clients’ and prospects’ job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t forget you.

Here is some practical advice that works for any industry.

1. Don’t overlook the obvious. Go through your address book, data base,
Christmas card list and confirm everybody you know is familiar with your profession,
what your specialty is, and who is the perfect prospect for you to best serve.

2. If you used to work in another industry, update your satisfied clients that you can
still serve them in this different capacity.

3. Keep in touch with your present clients more frequently. Not just asking
for referrals. The better your relationship with them the more they will want to send
you new prospects.

4. One of my friends in the advertising specialty business had a very creative office
décor. Anyone who had seen it raved about it. Going up in the elevator of his building
of 22 floors I had a conversation with a fellow passenger. I asked, “Do you work in this
building or are you visiting?” He mentioned he had worked there for 2 years. I inquired
if he had ever heard of my friend Jonathan and his unique and memorable office. He
said “No.” My recommendation to my friend and everyone else who works in a large
building is to every few months go from floor to floor, office to office, and introduce yourself to your neighbors. You could well quadruple your business close to home.

5. Don’t forget to work on your sales presentation skills! That is something I can help you with!

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