He Was Left-Handed, Tone-Deaf & Had No Sense of Rhythm

Robert Fripp with Thomas Philpott Cabinets
Robert Fripp

While you may already be familiar with my brother, Robert Fripp, the world-renowned guitarist and a founding member of the band, King Crimson… you might not know that he is a profound and powerful speaker. Robert lives in the UK and it is always a treat (for us and for our audience!) when we get the chance to present together. Enjoy this brief biographical sketch of my remarkable brother:

About Robert Fripp

By July 2015, Robert Fripp will have been getting out of vans and tour buses as a working musician for 54 years and as a professional musician for 45 years.

Taking up the guitar at the age of eleven and dealing with obstacles such as being left-handed, tone-deaf, and with no sense of rhythm, Fripp nevertheless went on to create a distinctive guitar style and approach. Since that time he has worked with musicians as diverse as Blondie, The Orb, Talking Heads, The Damned, Robert Wyatt, Daryl Hall, The Future Sound of London, The Roches, Andy Summers, David Bowie, Brian Eno, The Stranglers, David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel, and Nick Cave.

Robert Fripp, 1979
Robert Fripp, 1979

Along with groundbreaking collaborations and decisive contributions to such classic albums as No Pussyfooting (with Brian Eno) and Heroes (David Bowie), Fripp is probably best known as the co-founder and continuing member of the seminal rock group, King Crimson. Their 1969 debut, In the Court of the Crimson King, had a profound impact on the music scene, and albums such as Red (1974) and Discipline (1981) have influenced countless groups and musicians right up to the present day.

In 1985, Fripp founded Guitar Craft, which he describes as a way to develop a relationship with music and oneself. Their work continues across North and South America, as well as in various countries in Europe, under the auspices of Guitar Circle and in concert as the Orchestra of Craft Guitarists.

Robert Fripp's "Exposure"
Robert Fripp’s “Exposure”

He has also worked extensively as a solo artist. Fripp’s 1979 album, Exposure, was described as “the Sergeant Pepper of avant punk.” Having toured extensively with Frippertronics, an analogue tape delay system, in the late ‘70s and into the ‘80s, his solo Soundscapes encompassed digital technology from the early ‘90s onwards. He has since released several Soundscapes albums, perhaps most notably A Blessing of Tears (1995), and is noted for acclaimed performances at the Winter Gardens of New York’s World Financial Centre.

In 2008 Fripp was awarded the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana IVth Grade by the president of Estonia in recognition of his cultural work. In the same year, he began a creative partnership with saxophonist Theo Travis, with whom he has recorded four albums. Fripp has also played live as a member of the improvisational, ambient super-group, Slow Music, most recently in 2014. He has appeared twice in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” poll, but Robert says these are likely to have been mistakes by the typesetter. Fripp, talking about himself, said, “Even if the listing is accurate, his place is falling.”

Patricia Fripp & Brother, Robert Fripp with His First Guitar
Patricia Fripp & Brother, Robert Fripp with His First Guitar

In 2012 Fripp stepped away from the frontline of music-making in order to fight a long-running dispute with the Universal Music Group over copyright infringement. With this successfully resolved, in 2013 he announced the return of King Crimson with a new seven-piece lineup. The group performed across America in 2014, and further concerts are scheduled for Europe and beyond in 2015.

In addition to numerous appearances on TV, including the acclaimed BBC documentary on David Bowie, in which Fripp was described by Uncut as having stolen the show, the guitarist is also an experienced and accomplished public speaker, regularly joining forces with his sister Patricia to deliver Fripp and Fripp Keynote Speeches. For more information visit: https://fripp.com/keynote-speaking/robert-fripp-speaks/

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