Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp Has a New Book on Public Speaking

What challenges you about presentations?Speakers Edge 2010 Book

What if there was an easier, faster, and more powerful way to connect to your next audience?

Whether your next presentation is in front of three people in a boardroom or
three thousand in a convention center, you can create the kind of connection
that leaves all of your audiences wanting more.

Quickly tap into seventy-three years of onstage experience from five
world-famous speaker coaches.

First EVER book by five world-famous speaker coaches:

Speaker’s EDGE: Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience

  • Improve your platform presence and take command of the stage.
  • Become internationally known as a content-rich speaker who keeps
    audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • Win every deal you set your sights on and enjoy the vast rewards.

This is your one-stop shop for speaking success. Learn to master structure,
content, and delivery all in one place — the Speaker’s EDGE!

Get secrets direct from:

  • Mark Brown, 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Ed Tate, CSP, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE


A quick read, packed with value!


What’s inside?
Speakers Edge Book









“I’ve just returned from Finland where I represented the UK in the European
Finals of the JCI (Junior Chamber International) Public Speaking World
Championship and I won! The tips and techniques I picked up from the Champs
played a HUGE part in helping me put together and deliver a winning speech.
Thank you so much!”
—Simon Bucknall — London, England

“The EDGE is the premier educational resource for speakers of all experience
—Chris Elliott — Columbus, Ohio

Speaker’s EDGE: Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience


A quick read, packed with value!


This Isn’t Just Another Book on Presentations

This powerful book will give you the tools to: Improve your public speaking skills with useful resources from four
World Champions and a Hall of Fame Speaker! The five experts
featured in this book represent the best of the best in the world of public
speaking and presentation coaching.

They cover topics as diverse as humor, motivation, public speaking,
communication skills, leadership, and personal and organizational

There’s no other place in the world where you
will find this much skill, talent, passion, and entertainment!
How fast do you want to take your speaking to the next level?

Stop wasting time on the expensive “guessing game” trying to become a great
speaker. This book provides great information and gives you a sneak peak at the fastest track
to becoming a world-class speaker.

This book contains three sections focused on the objective of helping you
become amazing on the platform:

Platform Presence. This section is devoted to helping you create
impact from the moment you step on stage until you bid goodbye to your audience.

Content Excellence. At the core of every great presentation is well-
written content. You’ll learn the secrets of writing compelling speeches.

Winning Techniques. From sales presentation tips to earning credentials and expertise, this section will help you win more often and experience success.

“This is truly amazing! The value you give in the EDGE seriously exceeds
the price. If anybody ever wants to improve their speaking in any capacity,
they need to get the EDGE — yesterday!”
—Frederic Gray — Temple Terrace, Florida

Speaker’s EDGE: Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience

A quick read, packed with value!