Create Your Keynote by Next Week Receives Rave Reviews

Create Your Keynote by Next Week
Create Your Keynote by Next Week
Create Your Keynote by Next Week Receives Rave Reviews
By Patricia Fripp and Darren LaCroix
Over the last fifteen years Darren and I have met hundred’s of speakers who are not sure what to talk about. We created this program to help all public speakers search their lives for unique and original content.

“This program is like being able to sit down with Darren and Patricia for a whole afternoon after an NSA meeting and having a private workshop where they tell me exactly what to write to perfect my keynote. I can listen to it again and again, and I get to learn at my convenience and at my pace. This program does exactly what it says it does, and it can be summarized in one word: SYSTEM! It’s like shelving that lets you take all the inventory you’ve accumulated through your life experience, your stories, your goals, your audience needs, etc. and know EXACTLY where to put it! This is one of those programs you’ll listen to over and over again because it feels just like having your friends Darren and Patricia over to visit about your business.

So many useful do’s and don’ts. And so many CHOICES on how to do what has been PROVEN to work but in your own unique way. If you charged what this was worth, I could never have afforded it, so thanks for the bargain!

Imagine being able to call your friends Darren and Patricia and ask them to meet you for a cup of coffee just to chat about how to improve your business. The content of this program feels like just that! If you’ve found yourself saying, ‘I’ve got this great story, but I don’t know how to shape it…’ or ‘I just need a way to transition from the stories I know the audience loves into the points the client wants made…’ or ‘I would sure like to have a way to build rapport with the audience in the first 30 seconds or so…,’ this program answers those questions and a whole bunch more that you might not even have thought of.

You can build a keynote from scratch or rethink, refine, or completely rebuild what you’ve already got with this program. So many choices, but no useless clutter. This program was built with action in mind!”

Dr. Burt Smith, CME, CQM, PCM

“It has been exactly one month since I received an advance copy of this product through Darren. I have listened to it every day at Honda University as I drive an hour to and from work. This is a fabulous product packed full of real ideas, tips, and suggestions. It will not do the work for you, but it will keep your work organized and focused as you develop your keynote speech.

I have not started, but I have been mining my life for the ideas that I will use to develop my first keynote speech. The ideas are far reaching. Patricia and Darren, you have taken the mystery out of the keynote writing process. You do not remove the work, but you do eliminate the misstep and wasted effort one would make without this great resource.

Thank you for sharing your experience and process. I will see you on the road and will personally thank you when we meet.

Joe Arnold, DTM, V.P. of Membership, Aspinwall Toastmasters

“For many years I have been investing in your materials. With Create Your Keynote by Next Week, you have hit a home run. Although I was familiar with some of the material, you have compiled it in a manner that drives the past lessons much deeper. Your opening exercise of uncovering stories does take time but is well worth the investment of time. I’m rediscovering stories that had an impact on my formative years and realize the lessons are universal. Your exercises are valuable to me as both a speaker and speaking coach.

This step-by-step program is easy to use. The lessons build upon one another and take stress out of the writing process. Whether you are writing a keynote for one group or you create keynotes on a consistent basis, this program will save you time, frustration, and will most likely put more money in your pocket.

Create Your Keynote by Next Week is easily worth 100 times what you will invest. If you want to stand out from the crowd as a keynote speaker, don’t wait until next week to invest… do it now!”

Michael Davis, Certified World-Class Speaking Coach, Speaking CPR

“Wow! Amazing! Fantastic!

Three words that best describes how incredibly powerful Create Your Keynote by Next Week is for speakers who would like to take their speaking skills to the next level. Patricia and Darren are amazing and have done it again successfully by sharing so many practical and learnable tips in a structured manner from the development of the topic, structure, and design, importance of a strong opening, delivery, and many more.

It is the PERFECT and ‘MUST HAVE’ toolkit that all speakers and aspiring speakers need to have if becoming a great, confident, or world-class speaker matters to you. I have certainly gained much from them, and I am so appreciative of them sharing their world-class speaking insights and experience in helping me become a world-class speaker.

Kudos and thanks again Patricia and Darren for the Wow, Amazing, and Fantastic experience I had!”

Jonathan Low, Managing Partner, PowerUpSuccess Group of Companies
Past President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS)
Fed. Secretary of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF)

Patricia Fripp is an executive speech coach and sales presentation skills trainer.