A Public Service Message for Job Seekers – Two Complimentary Online Audio Lessons

Courtesy of World Champions’ EDGE, Patricia Fripp, and Al Hops

One of our World Champions’ EDGE members asked “Please create an Audio Lesson about how to excel and be successful at a job interview!” Fripp got carried away! Listen in on TWO 20-minute lessons and learn as Hall of Fame Speaker Patricia Fripp interviews Al Hops, creator of The Interview Edge.

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Need a Competitive Edge in Your Job Interviews?

Listen & Learn how you can utilize Al Hops’ “Acing An Interview” Formula of
“Perception, Observation, Preparation” to get an EDGE! Send this to your friends! Who is Al Hops? Click!

Al Hops Interview
~ PART #1 ~

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Al Hops Interview
~ PART #2 ~

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Who is Al Hops?

Al Hops is an award-winning sales professional who has consistently developed innovative ideas leading to success in job interviewing and closing sales.

Based on his experience and adding techniques he learned from movie directors and motion pictures, Al became a high tech company’s number-one salesman. Al created the concept of P.O.P. (perception, observation and preparation) which led to the magic of the Schindler Effect and The Interview Edge.

As part of his consulting practice with President Clinton, Bob Costas and Jim Carrey, Al helped open the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

In Reno and Vegas, Hops presented the first seminars for Hilton Hotels VIPs on “A Day in the Life of the Internet.”  Cirque Du Soleil hired him to develop their first website.  Al presently consults and delivers seminars on “Acing a Job Interview.”

Al can be reached at:

Al Hops and Associates
2424 Riffel Ct.
Castro Valley, Ca. 94546
(em) custsat@att.net
(tel)  510-537-5042
(fax) 510-537-9928

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