4 Do’s in Selling Your Ideas to Senior Management:Business Communications

Four Do’s in Selling Your Ideas to Senior Management
By Patricia Fripp, Expert in Business Communications

Just getting ready for my Speaking School. Communicating to executives is one of the topics that we will discuss.

It’s no secret… the higher up the corporate ladder you go the more important your public speaking skills become. If you have your sites set on increased responsibility and the position and salary that go with them you will need to position yourself ahead of the crowd in advance. At all stages of your career you need to sell yourself, your ideas, your value, and your ability. To position yourself for promotion you need to learn what it takes to sell yourself and your ideas to senior management. That requires learning high level public speaking skills; learn from these public speaking tips

1. Open with your conclusions. Don’t make your senior level audience wait to find out why you are there.
2. Describe the benefits if your recommendation is adopted. Make these benefits seem vivid and obtainable.
3. Describe the costs, and frame them in a positive manner. If possible, show how not following your recommendation will cost even more…
4. List your specific recommendations, and keep it on target. Wandering generalities will lose their interest. You must focus on the bottom line. Report on the deals, not the details.

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