Who Created The Windows Start-Up Sound?

A “news clipping” on Robert Fripp, my brother, legendary guitarist, and guest speaker at The American Payroll
Association’s Congress this week in Washington DC.

“When Microsoft was developing the Vista operating system, the company
brought in former King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp who recorded,
according to an internal Microsoft blog, ‘six hours of multi-channel raw
tracks including hundreds of melodies, textures, soundscapes, and

After three months of ‘iteration, remixing, and
refinement’ a four-second snippet was chosen as the final Windows Vista start-up sound: melody by Fripp,
harmony by longtime Fripp collaborator and Seattle guitarist Steve Ball,
and a ‘Win-dows Vis-ta’ rhythm by Tucker Martine, a Grammy-nominated
musician/producer who has worked with R.E.M., Spoon, and Mudhoney.”

This was excerpted from the article on Minyanville.com: “Who Created the Windows Start-Up Sound? Hint: It wasn’t Bill Gates” by

May 25, 2010 11:20 am. Enjoy the complete article here: http://www.minyanville.com/businessmarkets/articles/intel-microsoft-research-in-motion-apple/5/25/2010/id/28465?camp=syndication&medium=portals&from=yahoo

Robert FrippAs much as my brother Robert Fripp is internationally-known for his
brilliance with
the guitar… he is a superb and entertaining speaker. Brother Robert
and I are in Washington DC speaking to the American Payroll
Association’s Congress.

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