THE Executive Speech Coach: To Edit or To Add?

THE Executive Speech Coach learns from author Eleanor Dugan: To Edit or To Add?

From author Eleanor Dugan, “Fripp, we have chatted in the past about the meaning of the word "edit" — which you interpreted as "cut out" and I explained actually means to polish by adding, deleting, or changing.

On the topic of the verb "to edit," I found the following explanation in today's Word-a-Day bulletin indicating that when one edits one actually gives — and thought of you:
“Which came first, editor or edit?”

This may sound like a chicken-and-egg question, but it's not. It's easy to assume that the word editor was formed from the verb edit. In reality, the word editor came first (from Latin edere: to give out). Then we formed the verb edit from it. Words such as babysit, vaccinate, donate, all were derived from their noun forms, not vice versa."

Cheers, Eleanor

Eleanor is also a quilter of renown. With her friends they have made and given away sleeping bags for the homeless.