Robert Fripp Blast From the Past

If you are familiar with my blog or speaking you realize my brother Robert Fripp often is part of my speaking schools and keynote events. Most recently at the American Payroll Association Congress.

Here is something I picked up in my google alerts! Now you can see why he makes a good speaker.

Robert Fripp: The 21st Century Man Sounds Off
Mark Dery, Record Magazine, November 1985

HE BEGAN, by his own admission, tone deaf and with “no sense of rhythm.” He is a spit-shined, manicured man whose “best subjects at school were always English literature and English language.” He is guitarist Robert Fripp, and would seem more at home beating the pants off an Oxford dean at Trivial Pursuit than laying down the febrile, ostinato runs that are his sonic signature.

If you want to hear Robert Fripp’s spoken word concerts …

Notes from Robert Fripp at APA.