Making Your Keynote Speech a Hit: Add Hollywood

Five Memorable Moments

Patricia Fripp, Glenna Salsbury, Dee Jolly looking Hollywood
Patricia Fripp, Glenna Salsbury, Dee Jolly looking Hollywood

If you want a hit movie, it’s not the advertising; it’s five moments. Your five moments and my five moments might be different. That’s when you walk out of the movie with your friends and you relive the high points. And then you go to work the next day and you say “You’ve got to see this movie…and there’s this scene with…and you’ll know that…and when you think of the hair gel…and you’ve got to see this scene in the restaurant… trust me…you’ve got to go and see this movie.”
It is the advertising and the promotion that gets us to the opening weekend. Hollywood knows even if the movie isn’t good the opening weekend can get their money back. It is the word of mouth that makes a movie a blockbuster success.

If you want your audience to say… “wow, you have to hear this speaker…” or “I hope our sales people represent us as well as that sales team represented their company…”, or “Wow, we really are working for the right company” use  Hollywood techniques and makes sure there are five moments in your presentation, the ones that make it memorable.

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