How To Organize a Speech

A frequently asked question on public speaking is “How Do I Organize My Speech?”

Here is a basic outline that work well for the beginning speaker.

1. THE PAST-PRESENT-JOURNEY FORMAT: This simple outline can help you tell the audience who you are and why you are qualified to speak on the topic you’ve chosen.

* This is where I was.                        

Patricia Fripp & SpeakerMatch Lady and the Champs 2012
Patricia Fripp & SpeakerMatch Lady and the Champs 2012

* This is where I am now.
* This is how I got here.

One of my clients had been asked to do a 25-minute speech for the local Board of Realtors because of her great success in real estate. I suggested she use the past-present-journey outline and open like this:

“Twelve years ago, when I went into the real estate business, I had never sold anything but Girl Scout cookies and hadn’t done very well with that.” (This is where I was.)

“Last year, I sold $25 million of real estate in a slow market, selling homes that averaged $150,000 each.” (This is where I am now.)

“Today, you will learn my six step process on how I did that.” (This is how I got here.)

Hope this is  helpful. This even works for an experienced speaker as well. If you really want help on public speaking why not check out Lady & the Champs 2012 How To Speaking Conference.

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