Dianna Booher Ask Strategic Questions

Most of us have too many newsletters, blogs, tweets, articles, magazines and books to read. However, one brilliant speaker, author and successful entrepreneur worth listening to and reading is Dianna Booher. We have been pals for years at the National Speakers Association and in the early 90’s were on the same speaking tour of South Africa. Her December newsletter follows. You may want to subscribe yourself.


Most of us are busy counting down the days and to-do’s until Christmas
and New Year’s. We’re also gearing up for the coming year–looking at
what worked in 2010 and what we might try in 2011.

Whether you’re reaching out to an inactive client, giving a year-end
summary to your manager, or outlining next year’s vision to your
employees, asking specific questions can help your audience focus on
the needs of the future and sometimes even expand their vision. What
must be changed, improved, or solved?

Focus on strategic thinking with questions like these:

“If we were able to off-load some of these routine tasks and could free
your own marketing staff to devote their creative energy on the new
product line, how do you think that could pay off for you in launching
this new product line second quarter?”

“Have you ever thought about automating your back-office processes?”

“In what ways do you see us getting a competitive advantage if we change
to a totally virtual staffing plan?”

 Your questions should start the wheels spinning–big time. You just might
uncover hidden possibilities or solve problems you didn’t know existed.

 Thanks Dianna! Patricia Fripp will continue to be one of your biggest fans!