7 Ways to Profit from Speakers Bureaus in Hard Times

“Why don’t I get booked more often?”

“How can I get booked more often?”

Both are burning questions in today’s difficult economy. I talked to Mark French, President of Leading Authorities, Inc. about his solutions.

Mark French was pragmatic. “In difficult economic times, there is always an excess supply of speakers. At the same time, customers’ expectations are higher than ever. They want every speaker dollar to count double. Speakers must understand this new terrain and develop a successful strategy for getting booked.

“One good strategy is to make the most of speakers bureaus. Bureaus like to work with speakers that they can book easily, effectively, and profitably. More bookings are coming through bureaus right now because clients are placing greater emphasis on value, choice, safety, and flexibility. Your job is to increase your competitive advantage and probability of winning the business for which you qualify. Start by increasing and improving the quality of your communications with your speakers’ bureau or bureaus.”

Mark French offers some practical steps on how to turn a difficult market into a great opportunity.

1. Get to know your speakers bureaus owners and agents. Let them get to know you.

2. Provide them with first rate materials. Speakers with great videos, bureau-friendly websites, good PDF files, and quality print materials are easier to book.

3. Keep your bureaus informed, providing them with your latest news and information.

4. Consider offering them a higher commission rate during tough times. It’s a great incentive for agents to book you.

5. Call your agents after an event to offer spin-off and client leads.

6. Highlight the bureau that booked you during your presentation.

7. Thank your bureau representative after you’ve been booked. After all, bureaus are made up of people who appreciate a personal touch.

Like everyone else, speakers bureaus want to work with people they know and like, and with whom they feel a sense of partnership. Speakers who recognize this fact have an enormous advantage in the marketplace.

Mark French is President of Leading Authorities, Inc. which now offers Leading Authorities Creative Media News, an online business newsletter for speakers with timely ideas on increasing business and maximizing marketing potential. http://www.LeadingAuthorities.com