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"Every year, my appreciation for you grows stronger! With great enthusiasm and reliability, you have proven yourself to be an integral part of our annual conference and a favorite among our members.

Given the virtual environment, your speaker training program has become more important than ever. Our presenters greatly benefitted from the strategies and wisdom you shared, ensuring greater quality in every one of our workshops.

Thank you as well for facilitating a fantastic interview with our Payroll Man and Woman of the Year. Your thoughtful coaching and practice sessions allowed them to shine and speak confidently in the recording. Whether on-screen or in-person, your bright presence leaves a lasting impression.

Your speech coaching, influence and impact on our speakers and leaders shines through everything we do. What is most satisfying is that APA’s and GPMI’s community members are aware of your significance, and they credit you for their growth and ability to be a better communicator at meetings, conventions, through leadership and life.

Thank you so much for being an important part of our success! My most gracious thanks."

Dan Maddux, Executive Director,
American Payroll Association

All Patricia Fripp’s services can be conducted virtually or in person.
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Speech Coaching Client Testimonials

Professional Speakers and Best-Selling Authors Are Saying...

“When I won an essay contest and accept my award of $500,000.00 the expectations for my acceptance speech were high. There is only one person I wanted to help me with my speech. Patricia Fripp.

For twenty years I have been attending National Speakers Association conferences with my wife Janelle Barlow, Ph.D. I learned more about speaking from working on this speech with Patricia Fripp than in the prior twenty years. Her suggestions and guidance were invaluable.”
Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.

“At our 405 Business magazine launch, both my opening comments and the event were smash successes. Thank you for your brilliant script.”

Rod Whitson, Managing Partner, Strategy Shop

 “In one virtual coaching session Patricia took  me from Cringy to Confident”

Jan Bertsch, Owner, Moxy Coaching

“Your talents as a speech coach have helped me craft my story so well I have delivered it on the MDRT main platform 3 times as well as countless other stages around the globe. Always your raving fan.”

John Nichols President, Acrisure Insurance Wholesale Solutions

"Extraordinary! I used the introduction script you helped me craft. When I used it in front of a group of 200 businessmen and philanthropists, I was the only one out of possibly 10 speakers, who got applause for an introduction. And it wasn’t just applause, it was enthusiastic, spontaneous applause. This has never happened to me before. I felt FABULOUS. Actually, it felt almost unbelievable. This would never have happened if you hadn’t been kind and generous enough to help me.

Before you, it never crossed my mind that one could use the self-introduction to have a big impact on the audience. No one else today did anything like this.

I’m floating on Cloud Nine right now. I owe this wonderful experience all to you, and it’s going to be a part of my repertoire from now on. Thank you!"

Mitzi Perdue (Mrs. Frank Perdue), Author, Businesswoman, and Founder, Win This Fight, Stop Human Trafficking Now!

Seventh Day Adventist

"Imagine two hundred ministers, each convinced he or she may be God's finest gift to oratory, listening to a 'lay' teach them how to improve their communication skills and deliver exciting sermons. Then imagine a standing ovation at the conclusion of the session. These powerful images tell the story of our first experience with speech coach and dynamic keynoter, Patricia Fripp. "It has been said 'a minister will fly around the world to preach a sermon but will not walk across the street to hear one,' however, from start to finish Patricia held our 'congregation of preachers' in the palm of her hand. They laughed, learned, participated and told us they wanted her back so they can laugh and learn some more!

"We believe that each weekend thousands of our church members are hearing sermons that fall easier on their ears and penetrate further into their hearts and minds because of the speaking tips and techniques Patricia taught us in her keynote and workshop. We're having her back!" -

Daniel A. Savino, West Region Director, Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

American Payroll Association

"Thank you for your help with my speech at the APA Congress. From the feedback I received, it was an overwhelming success! I know that the guidance you provided helped to make it enjoyable for everyone (of course the spectacular delivery added to it). Your suggestions were right on the mark and I appreciate your help. It would not have been as good without you."

Dennis G Danilewicz, Man of the Year 2000, American Payroll Association

Lockheed Martin

"I would like to thank you for the terrific experience I had with your seminar last Tuesday for Lockheed Martin. In fact, I gave a talk to about 40 new hires today on the Joint Strike Fighter program as well as the new Lockheed Martin Organization structure. I got a lot of comments from people who have seen me brief before that this was the most dynamic briefing I had ever given. (The one I told you before to Admiral Steidle was more dynamic). But the point they made was noticeable. Thanks again for the experience. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again. I got a lot of positive comments from our folks who attended your seminar." – Rick Baker, Vice President. Combat Weapon Systems, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company 

American Payroll Association

"Thank you so very much for your help and for the workshop you gave for all the speakers. Your advice that not saying the wrong thing was as important as saying the correct thing was worth the trip in itself." – Fred Crowley, Man of the Year 2000, American Payroll Association

MCI Worldcom

"Thank you for the great presentation you did for MCI WorldCom in Coronado. All of us benefited from your expertise and experiences. I personally know that the two presentations I have made since the class were better because of what I learned from you." – Robert. L. Smith, MCI WorldCom

Lockheed Martin

"We had a great experience with Patricia Fripp. Her ability to work with people at top levels of our company and make them feel totally comfortable while critiquing their work is a special talent.

Our engineers and executives alike found many areas where they could improve. She definitely gets a return engagement soon!!!" – Randy Bushee, Professional Development, LM Aeronautics, Palmdale

"Thank you for your time and energy in your Dublin Presentation Skills Seminar. You really showed me how to control a room, work with an audience, and demonstrate so perfectly all the techniques that you teach. Even as an experienced speaker I learned a great deal that I am putting into action. I'm glad I made the decision to not complete and fly from the UK to learn from you."Chris Boden

"Even as a seasoned professional speaker I learned so much for your presentation skills training. In addition to all the many wonderful speaking skills and public speaking techniques, I was impressed by the way you engaged with the audience long before the event even started. On Friday I was an hour early, yet you still found time to chat and answer my questions.." – Andy O’Sullivan, President, Andy O’Sullivan Associates

"On behalf of the PSA Ireland, we loved spending time in your company. To say that you were gracious and generous with the breadth and depth of advice you shared with our members and associates, over many hours, would be the understatement of the year. We greatly appreciated your kindness and hope to welcome you back to Ireland many more times in the years to come."Eamonn O' Brien, President, PSA Ireland, Author - How To Make Powerful Speeches:Your Step-by-step Guide to Inspiring and Memorable Speeches

"Anytime you want to shorten your learning and the outcome you are seeking is important, a coach is just an absolute no brainer. And for me, I went right to Patricia Fripp because what I knew about her and what her strengths were I thought really were a good complement for what I needed in a coach. I am used to getting up and talking for very long periods of time, but I had to take a lot of information and compact it down into a very tight thirty minute time frame and do that in a very precise way to have the biggest impact... I felt like she would be the best one to help me with that, and I think the results speak for themselves." Kim Snider, Keynote Speaker & Financial Expert

Keller Media

"You did an astounding job on the presentation today--it was clear, unfathomably helpful, and easy to follow along. I took six pages of notes! I have always admired you (albeit often from afar) and just wanted to say thank you for today, for the impact you've subtly had on me during the last fifteen years in NSA, and for your tireless commitment to our organization." – Wendy Keller, Senior Agent, Keller Media, Inc.

Bill Hogg & Associates

"I learned a long time ago, big isn't based on size but on value. Today was BIG. I thoroughly enjoyed your public speaking presentation and look forward to reflecting on the words of wisdom from today. I have never believed in the traditional concept of competition—instead, I believe in giving value first, and sharing for mutual growth and benefit makes us all better. Obviously, you believe this philosophy as well because you so freely shared your learning and experience today." – Bill Hogg, President, Bill Hogg Associates

"You're brilliant. I am going to integrate your advanced speaking skills and then take advantage of another of your courses."Betsy Nicoletti

NSA Central Florida

"Thank you so very much for your presentation to the NSA Central Florida chapter. You were, of course, amazing, articulate, astounding, magnanimous, marvelous, and wonderful. And, I gained so much presentation wisdom and techniques that I am already putting into practice for my speeches."Monica Wofford, CSP, President, NSA Central Florida

Seriously Speaking

"Thank you for sharing so much of your expertise and knowledge in three hours! I am a speech coach here in Edmonton and also teach public speaking seminars. Many of your advanced ideas resonated with me, and thank you for being so interactive with the group. As my career progresses, I hope to acquire skills like yours."Michelle Devlin, Seriously Speaking

"Your speaking skills presentation to CAPS Edmonton was a remarkable experience. You provided so much information that I can't wait to begin to apply what I learned. This was the third time I have had the opportunity to listen to you, and every time I can't believe that I was able to learn so much more. Before I went to bed Thursday evening, I had already rewritten the opening to one of my presentations and part of the introduction to a book I thought was pretty much as good as it was going to get."Nelson Scott

"Wow! Thanks for a most engaging, enlightening, and very focused workshop on presentation skills. I am a professional actor and now an emerging speaker. You spoke in a language which I understand—theatre, film, Robert McKee, Michael Caine, characters, dialogue, internalization as opposed to memorization—the list goes on and on. By speaking my 'language', I was able to process and integrate the information and tips you shared at a deeper level. What did I take away and able to apply immediately? The I-You ratio * situation, solution, success * rhetorical question * little known fact * brevity and specificity in the first 30 seconds of the opening."Hammish

"On Thursday night in Edmonton, there were seven of our CAPS Calgary speaker school graduates. We expected a lot, and we were not disappointed! Thank you for continuing to epitomize joy and excellence in professional speaking. I was particularly impressed with the mini coaching you did with the financial consultant, the speechwriter, and the weather gal. Your story formula of "A day in the life of... and the result was…" is brilliant. Even as one of your loyal students, that one was a new idea. I've learned much from you and continue to do so."Patricia Morgan, Author, Counselor, and Professional Speaker

"Thanks for your gift of knowledge and experience. With your presentation skills information, I am on the way to becoming more outrageously successful and awesome with every presentation I give."Dan Ohler

"What a joy to see you present again. We have seen the differences your speech coaching has made in Larry who is one of our most experienced and successful speakers. Nobody is a better speech coach or public speaking teacher than you."Lorn B. Stanners, CMA

"A fantabulous experience last night, Patricia!! The timing of having been able to hear and see you live in Edmonton was a priceless experience. You have inspired, motivated, and empowered me to really take the leap, to put the WOW factor in my presentations. I appreciate your sharing of formulas and experiences. Now I have that 'missing piece' I have been looking for the past five years to take my presentations to the Olympic speaking level!" Lori-Ann Muenzer, Olympic Gold Medalist, Motivational Speaker and Author

Consulting Engineers of Alberta

"Even with your reputation preceding you, I did not know what to expect from the advanced presentation skills workshop. I came away with a basket full of speaking technique gems. Thank you so much for what you do. You do so very well! In the next several months, I have to make half-hour presentations on an important, but very dull, subject to an audience that really doesn't care. You taught me some good ideas to help make the otherwise boring subject interesting and fun." – Wendy Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Consulting Engineers of Alberta

"Listening to your public speaking and presentation delivery session was an extraordinary experience. I learned so many ways how to improve my presentation and speaking skills."Luciana Grossi, CGA

Global Wealth Builders Ltd.

"Everything you said in your three hour presentation on speaking skills was useful and interesting." – Vitaliy Milentyev, CFA, President, Global Wealth Builders Ltd.

National Speakers Association Colorado

"Thank you so much for everything you did for our professional speaker. You are without equal when it comes to speaking skills training and coaching."Don Cooper, "America's Networking Guru", Program Chair, National Speakers Association Colorado

Ohlhauser & Associates

"Inviting you to speak to the Edmonton Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, I had three goals for the event:

  1. Attendance of 100.
  2. Great take away's for attendees.
  3. Potential new CAPS members.

"Attendance was 118. Everyone I talked with had many practical ideas and great content. Best comment, 'She walked the talk; she practiced what she taught.' Already had four people email with a desire to join CAPS. Bottom line for the Patricia Fripp event? Great content, professionally delivered. Simply awesome. My take away from our follow up speech coaching session: work consistently on tiny, tiny steps, not my usual need to bring massive changes periodically. Many thanks; even my most cynical board members thanked me, authentically." – Larry Ohlhauser, President & CEO, Ohlhauser & Associates Ltd, President, CAPS Edmonton

"I just arrived back in Nashville from Phoenix after presenting three sessions at an insurance broker training event. I implemented many of your presentation skills ideas at our in-person training and others I've learned from your materials. What remarkable improvements and wonderfully positive audience reactions! I'll be speaking for that group again, and I picked up some consulting clients as well. Thanks for sharing your expertise! I am sincerely appreciative of the part you have played in my speaking and consulting success."Scott Cantrell

"As an insurance industry expert and in-demand professional speaker when I decided it was time to hone my speech, I wanted to hire the best. In asking several industry professionals who was "the best" your name came up over and over again. I went into the coaching session hoping to have clarity of direction around a killer keynote. I walked away with a killer keynote in writing. I was amazed by your tenacity and charm. Most importantly you have continued to hound me and make sure I'm actually implementing the things we discussed. My audiences have commented on how much better I have become in the last year. I know it is because of you. You are a rare find. A top notch professional with a huge heart. I consider myself blessed to have worked with you." – Laura Harris, President, Laura Harris Companies

Real Impact Presentations

"I am constantly amazed at your ability to convey so succinctly your thoughts about issues we face in the professional speaking business. Every sentence is pure brilliance." – Jean Palmer Heck, President, Real Impact Presentations

Generation Why, Inc.

"Never in my 23 years on the platform has one single day been so eye-opening, inspirational, educational, and career-changing as the one I spent with you last weekend. You've made a gigantic impact in my business and ultimately, in my life. I am working overtime to knock the 'stuffing' out of my vocabulary and communicate only content-specific language. Further, you made me realize how my comfort on the platform had eroded into sloppy, lazy habits that detracted from my message and my reputation as a topic expert a communicator. I've still got a lot of work to do, but the improvement thus far has been noticeable to my friends, family, and to my audiences. My entire speech content and flow has also improved significantly since our day together, and I am now more confident with the structure of my thoughts and the presentation of my ideas. My audiences are more engaged with me throughout my entire presentation. And thanks to your brilliant suggestions, I've got a much more captivating opening and a thoughtful and compelling closing. Perhaps the single greatest improvement, though, is in the actual content of my stories. Having had the opportunity to watch you in action as you interviewed our server at lunch was like watching Picasso paint a masterpiece or Beethoven compose a symphony. You showed me how to interview my clients to where I am looking forward to conference calls rather than to dread them. I'm now asking the right kinds of questions and filling my speech with the kinds of stories and information making my programs far more relevant, personal, and impactful to each audience.

You are a truly master of this craft, Patricia, and you are an extraordinary mentor and model for the rest of us. Thank you for being such a wonderful coach, teacher, and friend to me. I am forever indebted and will sing your praises to everyone I know. With warm regards and overwhelming appreciation..."

– Eric Chester, CSP, CPAE, President, Generation Why, Inc., Author Getting Them to Give a Damn: How to Get Your Front Line to Care About Your Bottom Line

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

"Your session From Good to Great to Awesome was awesome! Your originality never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your expertise and energy." – Judy Kay Mausolf, President, PracticeSolutionsInc.net

"My sincerest appreciation for your unparalleled effort in the presentation skills training. Your reputation preceded you and still does not compare to the live version of Fripp! Your methods have opened my eyes and reenergized my passion and motivation for the art of speaking. Your techniques and strategies are the best I've heard from any presenter. Thank you for sharing your contagious passion and your much deserved and earned expertise!" – Scott Cantrell, President, Real World Magic

"Craig Valentine describes how he hired you after he become a World Champion of Public Speaking. So I expected you to be good. Your appearance at yesterday's NSA meeting exceeded my expectations! Your reputation as the "world's greatest speech coach" is well deserved. You generously gave us five hours of public speaking wisdom while remaining energetic, engaging and personable. You were a delight!"Jeff Salters

"What a great speaking skills presentation! Your years of presentation experience and refinement are obvious."Evelin Saxinger, N.D., ACH

"Last night I barely slept thinking about the advanced speech coaching ideas you gave me in just one hour." – Gregg Gregory, CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, President, Double G Concepts

"We were promised advanced public speaking ideas. However, what you delivered was so inspiring. You taught me specific technique I can immediately use in refining my current training."Kristy Powers

"What an honor and privilege to hear one of the greats of the speaking industry. Thank you for all your brilliant ideas and public speaking information."Christopher Powell

"Most academics haven't been trained in platform skills, so they can't teach it to students. I never met one in all my years in the academy who had any real training in presentations. I think we were expected to learn it by modeling our favorite instructors.

Look into the National Speakers Association and local chapters for this kind of training. I took some training from Patricia Fripp and it was the best move I ever did for my seminar skills. Her annual Odd Couple® Seminar is absolutely wonderful. Two powerful presenters with very different styles."Lynn Johnson, Ph.D.

"I had the pleasure being at your presentation at the NSA ProTrack meeting. You are a very inspiring speaker, who walks her talk and genuinely connects with her audience emotionally. Thanks for being such a great role model!"Kristi Matal, Professional Speaker and Singer

"Your 'tour de force' presentation skills performance had the entire National Speakers Association audience. What a wonderful way to live - so powerfully present in each moment, with such generous energy and spirit. You're my new role model."Robin Phillips

"You are Frippin' amazing! I absolutely loved your presentation and just wish we could have spent an entire day with you. I took a piece of you home with me by purchasing your entire set of CDs. Now, my biggest challenge is deciding which one to listen to first. So, I started with your two-day speaking school. WOW! I've been speaking for almost 30 years (25 years in the corporate world, then started my own speaking business in 2005) and I've already learned so much from you. A lot of what you teach I'm already doing (which is comforting to know), but there is so much I can learn from you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your many talents with us."Nancy Barry, Motivational Speaker & Author

Pathos Leadership Group

"I purchased your How to Build a Profitable Speaking and Consulting Business CD/DVD. Shortly after I got a call from a potential client and implemented your recommendations, especially the part on breaking down your offerings so that you can build value and get paid more. The results…My largest payday to date and I left the client two hours ago and they were tickled with the presentation, and this is the best part…They want more! I feel blessed to have come into contact with you. Here's the scary part, I still think that I have room to become better at your processes so that I receive even higher fees! I can't wait for your TeleClass! Who knows what I'll pick-up from you then!" – Sam Palazzolo, Pathos Leadership Group LLC

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"As I strive to become a great speaker, I work hard to learn from the best. My own Mount Rushmore of role models who've inspired me consists of National Speakers Association founder Cavett Robert along with legends Patricia Fripp and Nido Qubein."Dave Lieber, Columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)

The Healthy CEO

"I didn't check, but you may walk on water. Just completed six talks and used one new improvement per talk. These talks were out east, usually tough groups, but the response was simply awesome. I am being invited back for more, one the spot, one of my criteria for success with Fripp. As you know, before I met you I was an in-demand speaker. What I was looking for was advanced-get-to-the-next-level help. The results are proving that is what I received. Thanks for your perceptive and brilliant speech coaching." Larry Ohlhauser, Author, The Healthy CEO

The Golden Compass

"Wow! No wonder you're an NSA legend. We came away from your session with your brother Robert with a new sense of what this profession is all about. Mostly that both you work harder than any other two people on the planet. You have inspired us to become excellent in our arena." – Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay, Golden Compass, Inc.

"Working with you on taking my speaking skills from good to extremely great, has been a wonderful, eye-opening, learning experience. The first hour we spent together was full of insightful strategies, techniques and advice on how to craft and deliver a 'million dollar speech.' As great as that session was, the payoff came in the follow-up sessions where we applied the information to my speech. This wasn't theory you gave me. It was hard-core information and techniques that work. I find myself more focused and energized on stage than I've been in years. And, the audience is feeling it too! Thank you!!!"Shep Hyken, CSP, Shepard Presentations, LLC


"If you're looking for a speech coach, you'll make the right decision to go with Fripp. She is without question one of the top coaches available anywhere. I recently attended the Good-To-Great weekend which really reinforced and nailed down the concepts she teaches in her speakers school. Watching her laser-sharp coaching, this workshop helped me internalize many skills which are critical for excellence. Her focus, energy, quick insights are absolutely amazing. Awesome weekend."John Kinde, HumorPower.com, Las Vegas' No 1 Observational Humorist

"A year and half ago I spent four days with you in Montreal. Very impactful. Rewrote my keynote. It's called The Rubber Band Principle: StrengtheningYour Resilience. The audience members receive a bright rubber band, my books are bundled together with a thick rubber band that says, 'Be Resilient!' I tell stories of messing up at my counseling work and being redeemed under the guidance of Psychologist, Mr. James McPhail. Thank you for supporting me in THROWING OUT and starting all over again. The tips you gave for crafting a keynote work. I took a weekend of performance training from Dr. Randy Ritz (Concordia University, Edmonton, Alberta) which was helpful in dramatizing the story bits. All the effort has paid off with successful engagements with some corporate clients. Working for corporations is new for me. Helping professionals, non-profits and women's conferences were and still are my main audiences. Two other major accomplishments since I was with you is video footage on my website and an upcoming next book, Woe to Wow! How Resilient Cope and Succeed on the Job.

Your influence continues. Since seeing you in Montreal I was on a tele-class with you through Jane Atkinson and another one with Brad Montgomery. Saw you in your smashing hat at NSA San Diego but did not manage to make contact. Have invited my teenage grand-daughter (daughter to my daughter who was drug addicted for 11 years) to New York for NSA 2008. I'm very excited about that. Thank you for your e-newsletter and the improvements you help make to speakers' presentations and hence people's lives. With smiling appreciation for all you are and do..."Patricia Morgan , Keynotes, Workshops and Professional Development, Light Hearted Strategies for Strengthening Resilience, Member: Canadian Association for Professional Speakers

"WOW! You delivered so many wonderful ideas in the Wellness PEG Teleseminar, I had to keep reminding myself I was the moderator because I was so busy being a student! You validated so many presentation tools I use. Thanks again—you are terrific!"Edward Leigh, M.A., Edward Leigh Enterprises, Inc., Wellness Professional Emphasis Group

New England Speakers Association

"Your program on Good to Great Speaking Techniques was more than a hit... it was a triumph! In the history of our NSA chapter you drew the largest attendance ever."Sasha ZeBryk, New England Speakers Association

Pistachio Consulting

"You have a great reputation (obviously) but I did not expect the five hour program with NSA New England to be quite so interactive with our specific needs, and so fine-tuned. I just described it to my speaker friend: 'She's sharp and she's really contributing to the group's specific needs. She has a great reputation, but I thought she might be a little too much the rock star coach/full of glittering generalities. Her focus is kicking up the power of your keynote, but she's pointing up how the principles apply to being more effective in the business of speaking too.'" – Laura Athavale Fitton, Pistachio Consulting, Inc.

"Thank you so much for making time available to coach me. It was the most beneficial coaching session I have ever had in my entire life, and I have had many. The best news is we are only half done. I can't wait to do my homework and get ready for the other half. I can use the advice you have given me to not only improve my speaking skills but my entire business. Your help is worth many times the cost of your service."Art Pennington

Para Publishing

"Thank you very much for the fabulous Fripp Speaking School weekend. I especially appreciate the opportunity to try out my Speakaholic piece. Thank you for the audience and for fitting me into the schedule. The feedback was extremely valuable." Dan Poynter, Author (120+ books), Publisher (since 1969), Speaker (CSP), Para Publishing

"Your ability to use good emotion, the pause, and teach your clarity of expertise through short sentences is spectacular! Just watching and seeing how you draw people into your message helps me grow. I am focused on drawing my audience in by using your tips."Raj Gavurla, NSA Atlanta

National Speakers Association Colorado

"Wow! What a great day National Speakers Association Colorado had with you on Saturday!!! Your morning session on Storytelling was phenomenal and your afternoon bonus session of 222 mini-coaching sessions was even better. Your contribution is very much appreciated!" Dick Bruso, President, Heard Above the Noise, President, National Speakers Association Colorado

"Patricia, I attended your half day on session on 'From Good to Great' presentation skills at the NSA Georgia. You were, as expected... wonderful. It was a unique opportunity to see a speaker of your caliber and I am glad I was there to see and hear you. I visited your website and it was as energetic as you are — very nicely done. Again, thanks for making the session memorable."Paulette Terry, Certified Coach

"Great job at NSA Georgia!!! Your material was on time and on target... Great feedback from everyone...thanks also for your personal instruction on my program. It was awesome."Waldo Waldman, MBA

"Thank you so much for the one day coaching session. It was a privilege to learn from you. A day with you hearing your invaluable insights, wisdom and hospitality will be an experience I will treasure in my speaking career. Your dedication to the art of delivering a powerful message and helping others be the best they can be is obvious in everything you do. For any speaker who is willing to continue to be teachable; novice or experienced, investing in one-on-one coaching with you is without doubt one of the best professional decisions they could make.

"I appreciated all you shared. You gave 150% and it blew me away."Michelle Ray, CSP, Transforming Attitudes into Positive Actions

"I firmly believe Patricia Fripp is the most brilliant yet practically helpful speech coach in America. I have known Patricia since she began her speaking career and no one, and I mean no one has worked harder, learned more, succeeded greater in perfecting her craft, and shared more for free. Because of Patricia's own experience, she can effectively relate to both the relative beginner as well as the seasoned pro. Even seasoned professionals can 'raise the bar' on their own skills when attending a Patricia Fripp speaking school."Don Thoren, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Past President, National Speakers Association, President, Thoren Consulting Group

"Having listened to you speak before, I knew your presentation on how to design and deliver more powerful stories would be terrific, and you didn't disappoint. Your information was most helpful, and I always love watching you perform. However, as I told you, it was your intelligence and your ability to process bits of information so quickly that impressed me the most." – Robert L. Cox, MD, Author, BioForecasts: Insights into your Biological Future

"Thank you for the help and guidance at my speech coaching session. The information was right on the money and exactly what I needed. There is no question using you as a resource will help me take my career to the next level. Your knowledge, experience and professionalism in the speaking business are unparalleled. The session was just in time as I have an important speech next week to the Corps of Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy on leadership and integrity."Kevin Sweeney, Professional Speaker

"Frippy, you are flat-out brilliant! You gave the attendees at your speaking school 150%. The key to a successful career for even the most advanced speakers is implementing what you generously share. As a Hall of Fame winner with 20 years experience, I am still absolutely overwhelmed, excited, and amazing by what I learned from YOU. You gave a solid structure to work with, not just fluffy advice."Roger Crawford, CPAE, Author, How High Can You Bounce?

"Thanks for a wonderfully inspiring and productive day speech coaching. I am very much looking forward to trying out my new speech. You have certainly raised the bar for me. Now I know what is possible. Thank you."Stephen Shapiro, Author of Goal-Free Living

Roberson & Co. CPAs and Advisors

"I had the best speaking season I've ever had this Fall. I had been a fairly successful speaker for some time, but I still felt I needed some help to achieve my maximum potential. I learned a great deal from Patricia in a short period of time and I was impressed with her knowledge and insight. I have since used many of her techniques and tips, and I absolutely know that she helped me be more effective. For me, the investment was very worthwhile. Patricia, thanks again for all your help. I hope to see you again soon."Ron Robertson, President, Robertson & Co. CPAs and Advisors

"I just want to tell you I will be getting a copy of my book Guerrilla Travel Tactics to you. I owe you such a huge debt of gratitude for your help with my book Guerrilla Travel Tactics. EVERY chapter opens with a story, and almost every story has the voice of Fripp. In appreciation."Theo Brandt-Sarif 

"The Speaker's Workshop you conducted in Sydney was the highlight of my speaking career. Patricia, you have 'raised the bar' so high that I am both energised and sobered by the prospect of aspiring to your level of expertise. "Your mastery of your profession and craft speaks volumes. Your own delivery is clearly the culmination of years and years of study, discipline and practice. Such finesse, such seamless delivery, is earned word-by-word, presentation-by-presentation, month-by-month, year-by-year. Thank you for reminding me to revisit with fundamentals and principles of graciousness and good breeding which I always displayed in my professional life and which, somehow I believe I have partially lost during the development of my speaking career. Indeed, the word 'stuff' has appeared in my own vocabulary of late. "You had no need to ask us, 'Did you get value?' From stories, to openings, to pauses, to gestures, to questions etc, the substance was there. How we ingest and apply that substance is now up to us. "No doubt you will receive many notes of appreciation. Thank you for challenging me to evaluate every aspect of my thinking, presentations and message.

Appreciatively,"Robyn Pulman 

"Thank you for the value, insight, wisdom! And of course the speech we developed together. The investment was worth every penny!" Kathleen Tomes, Co-Founder, Future Think, Inc.

"I attended your NSA-NC speaking skills seminar and you very generously gave us copies of two of your speeches, which I have finally had a chance to really listen to. Once again, I learn so much on so many levels hearing you speak, and I am so grateful for how much you contribute to the speaking profession.

"Your presentation was just what I needed to hear at this crossroads of time for me, and I thank you for helping so many of us along the speaking path."Monica Roseberry, President, Outstanding Room Only

"You were absolutely incredible at the NSA Georgia meeting. Novice to seasoned professionals continue to rave about your program. Thanks to you we will all be bringing more polish to our presentations." Martha Lanier, President, National Speakers Association Georgia

"Your presentation was fabulous and drew the largest crowd in our twenty-five year history. Thanks you for your brilliance and never-ending kindness."Dave Sherman, President, NSAAZ, Connection Pros

"This morning I spoke to the all male Tampa Rotary and — largely due to your techniques and coaching — it rocked. Afterwards I drove home thinking, 'Thank goodness for Patricia Fripp!' As soon as I got home I called another of your students Olu to share the news and we both screaming with excitement. I can't wait to work with you again as I learned so much that will help propel my speaking career."Staci Backauskas, Jai Creations, Inc.

"I had no idea I would get so much from your speaking skills seminar and coaching sessions. Recently, I considered bringing in another of National Speakers Association's top speakers/coaches to work with us. Thankfully, I listened to his tapes first. He could use your coaching! One of the main things that impressed me was your removal of non-communicative words. This concept was new and had a big impact on me."Gary Richardson, Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys Tulsa

Six String Leadership, Inc.

"Your magnificent impact on our NSACF members was only surpassed by your kind and giving spirit! You exceeded our wildest expectations. As you have been with us twice before they were very high."Dave Timmons, Leadership Artist, Six String Leadership, Inc.

"I've seen you speak a number of times...However you were never more powerful, more 'on,' than your recent presentation to National Speakers Association in Phoenix. You blew everybody off the stage." Philip Wiest, Presenting Technical Seminars since 1989

National Speakers Association Greater Los Angeles

"You were absolutely fabulous at our Symposium for professional speakers this past weekend. We can't thank you enough for your willingness to participate. You exceeded everyone's expectations... which were high."Lori Akina, Executive Director, NSA/GLAC

National Speakers Association Arizona

"Thanks you for the marvelous presentation for NSA Arizona. They may not have been 'standing in the rain' but they were lining up at the door. Your information was wonderful and your delivery delightful. We have never had such a large attendance in 25 years!" Gwen Henson, Executive Director, NSA Arizona

"Wow! Thanks for all your insights. I am in information overload. Your thoughts have definitely made me a better speaker. I have never seen anything like your performance!"Lenny Tumbarello

National Speakers Association

"You were superb for the AZ-NSA Chapter as I am sure many have told you. You have many people thinking about how to get better and those clamoring to present at our Lab say they want to see what improvements they have made from following some of your advice. You give exemplary service to your professional association."Don Thoren, Past President, National Speakers Association

"In my opinion, whether you need a powerful charismatic keynote speaker or a Hollywood-quality speech coach, Patricia Fripp is the one to call." Brian Tracy, International speaker, Author & Nightingale-Conant's Best-selling Author

"Without being flip, Ms. Fripp, you are a trip! And I ain't givin' you no lip! 'cause you is the lady with loads of zip. A genuine pip! Like a sail for ships when other marketing slips. So never flip — - just continue to rip... You got the goods no one should skip. Dig it Fripp — You always welcome in my crypt... Are you hip!?" David Samson, FunnyGuy.com

"Once you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are. Patricia Fripp has been changing people's lives by helping them to find their voice and to speak with power and passion. If you follow her methods and techniques, you will not only change your life but those who you come into contact with."Les Brown, Author, It's Not Over Until You Win

"Patricia Fripp has the ability to show people what their story is in a shorter amount of time than anyone else I know."Alan Weiss, Ph.D., CSP, CMC, Author of 23 books including Money Talks: How to Make a Million as a Speaker

National Speakers Association

"When speakers ask me who do I recommend to help them design their talks, I tell them, there is only one person—Patricia Fripp." – Jeanne Robertson, CPAE, Past President National Speakers Association

CBS News

"There's so much about you that exemplifies all of the best of what all of us try and do. You really are the height of professionalism."Robert Mayer Evans, JD, CSP, CPAE, former CBS News TV Foreign Correspondent

"I look forward to my Fripp fix at least once very two years!" Jack Canfield, CSP, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series