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"Every year, my appreciation for you grows stronger! With great enthusiasm and reliability, you have proven yourself to be an integral part of our annual conference and a favorite among our members.

Given the virtual environment, your speaker training program has become more important than ever. Our presenters greatly benefitted from the strategies and wisdom you shared, ensuring greater quality in every one of our workshops.

Thank you as well for facilitating a fantastic interview with our Payroll Man and Woman of the Year. Your thoughtful coaching and practice sessions allowed them to shine and speak confidently in the recording. Whether on-screen or in-person, your bright presence leaves a lasting impression.

Your speech coaching, influence and impact on our speakers and leaders shines through everything we do. What is most satisfying is that APA’s and GPMI’s community members are aware of your significance, and they credit you for their growth and ability to be a better communicator at meetings, conventions, through leadership and life.

Thank you so much for being an important part of our success! My most gracious thanks."

Dan Maddux, Executive Director,
American Payroll Association

All Patricia Fripp’s services can be conducted virtually or in person.
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Sales Training

Sales Presentation Training Clients Are Saying...

"Back in 2018, we invited you to help us with an important sales presentation, which we won. You will be as excited to know, that it continues to reap dividends! Last year, we were awarded $1.6 million in business with them. We just received a $2.8 million order from them already this year and it is still January. Your advice and coaching are awesome. What an ROI!"

- Michael E. Stryczek, President & CEO, AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID)

“Based on my personal experience of working with Patricia Fripp at my last company, I knew she would have an immediate impact on our sales teams. Our expectation was to have actionable ideas for our sellers to walk away with. Over the course of the meeting, we saw people begin to adopt Patricia’s ideas and best practices. Our seasoned sales professionals were excited and willing to try her sales presentation techniques. Additionally, to ensure she had context for her content, Patricia conducted interviews prior to our conference and participated in the full meeting. This went a long way toward building credibility with the sales force. Patricia was flexible and creative in working with us to create a high-impact program within the constraints of our time and budget. Our internal and sales professionals said that it was time well spent. When we get together only once a year, we must be judicious in planning our agenda. Patricia’s session left the sales team energized and excited about what they had learned, ready to put her techniques into action. Many commented it was some of the best sales training they had received.” – Juliann Larimer, President & CEO, Peak-Ryzex

“Thank you for all your help at the National Sales Conference.  We have a veteran group of sales professionals, and many times these groups are hard to impress.  Your sales presentations skills sessions really delivered, and they loved it!  Everyone felt Frippnotized!” – Jeff Walters, Vice President, North American Sales, Peak-Ryzex


"Your sales presentation skills training was superb. Our professionals are experienced, and you really took them to a whole new level of skill. Working with Patricia Fripp for three days was a magnificent investment." – Geene Alhady, Vice President of Sales, Meridian Systems


"Great job last week at your sales presentation skills training... my team is still pumped up." – Teri R. Moore, MFT, Director, Account Management, MHN, a Health Net Company


"Thank you for your fine program on sales presentation skills. We are already putting your ideas to work." – Thomas Moore, Morgan Stanley

Veritas Software Corporation

"At VERITAS, we only work and hire the best, most experienced sales people as we have sophisticated products to solve our clients' complicated business issues. Naturally, to help guide our sale force we only partner with the best sales trainers and consultants we can find. The Fripp & Associates team fits this description and has greatly exceeded our expectations in both a facilitating and development role. Patricia, you and your associates have provided the VERITAS team with tremendous guidance and support. The role your team plays is critical and has made a difference in our field organization's results. As a result of participating in your highly interactive sales presentation training and coaching both the Sales Representatives and Systems Engineers always feel more prepared to communicate clearly and concisely with our customers. We always receive rave reviews from the Fripp & Associates training." – Michael Silberstein, VERITAS Software Corporation

"Hiring Patricia Fripp is the best investment I have ever made in my company, my employees, and myself. For over 16 years I have been a client of Ms. Fripp. Originally I hired her to help me expand my business by improving my communication skills. The results exceeded my expectations. I learned how to prepare a speech and structure a sentence for the ear. Additionally, I have been able to achieve the goals I set for our team and myself. My other team members, regardless of age, speaking experience, or longevity in our industry, have seen great improvement. Speaking is a physical activity just like basketball. The chances of a 5-foot 10-inch, 58-year old man’s playing in the NBA are slim. The prospect of his becoming a professional-sounding speaker is not out of the realm, however, with Ms. Fripp's training technique: she listens, she observes, and she shares her vast experience. Patricia Fripp can take anyone who wants to learn the art of speaking to the top if they take her advice and are disciplined in the practice." - Michael V. Shustek, Chief Executive Officer & Director, MVP Reit


"Patricia was an excellent choice for the group. It was energetic and really brought tremendous value. It will make all of my group rethink the way we present and PREPARE for presentations and calls." – Matt Kamish, ADP, Claims


"In my 12 years in sales and marketing, you are the most dynamic, charismatic, and knowledgeable sales presentation trainer and executive speech coach that I know. After your presentation skills training, both my sales and technical support team are closing more sales!" – Bill Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing, North America, Unitech America, Inc.

Meridian Systems

"When I was looking for the best sales presentations skills expert, Patricia Fripp was high on my list. From our first conversation, she was giving me advice that was invaluable. The quality of advice most experts are not generous enough to deliver until they have your check in their hands.

However, the evidence that cemented my decision was the quality and enthusiasm of Patricia’s past clients. The other sales trainer I was considering gave me a list of past clients, and none of them returned my calls. Patricia’s clients, all busy high-level people, were enthusiastic and considered her more than just an expert they had hired. Now I am happy to be an enthusiastic client and referrer. Patricia’s advice has made a long-term impact on our company. You will not go wrong working with Patricia Fripp." – Geene Alhady, General Manager, Meridian Systems


"You will be excited to know not only did my team enjoy your sales presentation skills training and coaching session, they are using what they learned. As you know, it is the true measure of an investment in personal development. ‘Fripp’ has made its way into our lexicon as a verb; as in ‘Just Fripp it.’

Last week I traveled with Heidi and saw her demonstrate her new skills. At my team meeting, I asked everyone to share their stories ‘Fripp’ style. Congratulations on a very successful session." – Joni Schlapa, Pacific Sales Manager, Pearson Digital Learning

Competitive Edge Seminars

"After 15 years working in the sales training business with Tommy Hopkins and promoting Competitive Edge Seminars hiring the nations best speakers and trainers, I assure you nobody is more effective discussing sales presentation skills than Patricia Fripp. Fripp's information is practical, her delivering is entertaining, and her coaching and evaluation is world class." – David Behr, President, Competitive Edge Seminars


"Superb sales presentation skills training. Our sales reps are very enthusiastic. Now it is up to us to follow through." – Pete Shah, Senior Vice President, VP Americas Sales, InfoVista

Canada Wide Media

"You and your ideas are absolutely fantastic! The award-winning sales team enjoyed and learned so much from you. We will be your ambassadors forever. I have not seen Peter yet but I will be thanking him for calling you. Right after our session the team was very excited about pitching him to bring you to Vancouver. You have elevated us to the next level." – Lee Caldwell, Canada Wide Media

Canada Wide Media

"Patricia you are the best executive speech coach and sales presentations skills trainer in North America. You were a BIG hit. My award-winning sales gang just loved you... your energy, ideas, and no nonsense approach to sales. I can't thank you enough." – Peter Legge, CEO, Canada Wide Media

Callidus Software

"Fantastic! Our sales presentations skills training session with Patricia Fripp was well worth the investment. We saw increased sales results immediately, and they have carried forward. While the customer-facing employees of Callidus Software all firmly believed in the value proposition that our solutions delivered to customers, we weren't conveying the benefits as crisply and persuasively as is necessary when selling complex business software applications. Patricia was very effective in coaching us on delivering our message in a more attention-grabbing and to-the-point manner. We experienced immediate results in our communications with customers, prospects, analysts, press, and partners. As an added bonus, the executive team has noticed marked improvement even in mundane, internal, day-to-day presentations. The presentations are crisper and delivered with more confidence. To maximize our investment, we will commence brown-bag-lunch practice sessions as Patricia suggested. Thank you, Patricia!" – Steve Apfelberg, Vice President of Marketing, Callidus Software

MHN-A Health Net Company

"Patricia, Great job last week at your sales presentation skills training... my team is still pumped up." – Teri R. Moore, MFT, Director, Account Management MHN, A Health Net Company

Innisbrook Wraps

"Imagine a sales force filled to the brim with confidence, passion and powerful words ready to set their sales records on fire. That's a reality for Innisbrook after your 2-day seminar at our National Sales Meeting with Patricia Fripp. Beginning with the conference calls in anticipation of the meeting, you created an eagerness among our sales force and management team. Our reps gleamed invaluable advice from the first interaction of a 45-minute one-on-one session with you.

"We've received many voice mails and emails from our reps expressing their gratitude at the investment Innisbrook made in them. They often refer to your sessions as exciting, entertaining, and information-packed. Your ability to provide enhanced words without criticizing put our reps at ease, and allowed them the opportunity to stand up in a group of their peers without fear. Perhaps the greatest compliment to you is the overwhelming sentiment that they were dreading two days worth of a speaker, but your animated presentation made the days fly by and they enjoyed every moment of it!" – Sharon McHugh, VP of Sales, Innisbrook Wraps

Morgan Stanley

"Thank you for your fine program on sales presentation skills. We are already putting your ideas to work." – Thomas Moore, Morgan Stanley

Unitech America, Inc.

"In my 10 years in sales and marketing, I must say you are the most dynamic, charismatic, and knowledgeable person and coach that I know. After our two-day sales conversation and presentation skills training, both my sales and technical support team feel that they now have a secret weapon. I would recommend you to anyone who needs training in making sales and look forward to our next meeting." – Bill Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing, North America, Unitech America, Inc.


"Thank you for the excellent job working with SmithGroup! Not only did we learn, stretch, grow... we had some fun as well. Your efforts will make all the participants better in all aspects as well of their professional lives not only increasing their sales presentation skills.

Thank you again, we are looking forward the next sessions!" – Paul Bohn, Vice President, SmithGroup

Union Hospital Health Group

"One great example of your immediate impact from the persuasive presentation skills training was the approval we received from the Board of Directors for an unbudgeted project involving several different departments. We believe the individual coaching you did with the Administrator for her presentation made all the difference. Our investment to bring you here was paid off within two weeks. Thank you Frippster!" – Steven Reed, Executive Vice President, Union Hospital Health Group

Veritas Software Corporation

"My hat is off to you and your Fripp & Associates team. Your sales presentation skills training session was extremely valuable. After 12 years sales experience, I was confident I had learned all the milestones of selling. Well, I was in for surprise with all the valuable innovation information taught by Fripp & Associates." – Michael Silberstein, VERITAS Software Corporation

Suburban Health Organization

"BEFORE being Frippnotized, our associates were having a hard time closing the deal and moving the practices along. AFTER being Frippnotized, we have seen so much more business with the Fripp Sales Presentation skills training. We would not have believed it possible to enjoy such amazing results in a two-week timeframe!  I am extremely grateful for each minute you were able to spend with us. You have a unique way of bringing out the Fripp in everyone. It's contagious. I'm really looking forward to the newsletters!" – Natasha Weems, Supervisor of Provider Relations, Suburban Health Organization

American Home Shield

"Thanks for your wonderful repeat performance at our National Sales Meeting. Once again you were the topic of conversation... all good." – Lisa J. Rice, Divisional Vice President, American Home Shield Corporation


"The dollars we expended for the training was money well spent. Everyone I spoke with gave very positive feedback. More importantly, the proof that your ICS sales reps and managers were engaged was in the results we experienced in the practice sessions on Thursday. There was not one person that did not show improvement, the scripts just kept getting better as the day went on, and to top it off we had fun!

In reference to the value of having everyone in attendance, the idea of having a general session followed by the break out was the best of both worlds. I always learn something more about our business when we are with the other business units of ACS sales, but I also value the break out time to focus on ICS' specific needs - a great balance. Thank you for making the investment in all of us!" – Pat Major, ADP, Claims

"Patricia was an excellent choice for the group. It was energetic, and really brought tremendous value. It will make all of my group rethink the way we present and PREPARE for presentations and calls. I think the session really will shape the way we present ADP and ourselves at State Farm moving forward." – Matt Kamish, ADP, Claims

"Great Fripp training this week. Not only was it helpful to everyone regarding presentation skills, the three days re-energized many sales people." – Jeff Parrish, ADP, Claims

"The presentation skills training today was tremendous... ton of compliments." – Greg Carr, ADP, Claims

"Really enjoyed the Fripp training! I know for my group, we all left with a couple of new techniques." – Kirk Monger, ADP, Claims

"Thank you so much for the training in Chicago this last week!!! It was an incredibly valuable to me as a new DM. Patricia Fripp was exceptional and helped me see how using certain techniques can help you make or break a deal. I only wished I had been through this training 6 months ago. Thank you for the investment in my career with ADP. After this week I feel encouraged and more prepared than ever to prove to myself and my team that I have what it takes now to turn around a tough assignment and make to Presidents Club!" – Diane McDonald, ADP, Claims

"You have my commitment that my team will push very hard this 2nd half to get as close to plan as possible. I believe the Fripp training has stimulated many new ideas that will help us get there. It's up to us to prove it to you by incorporating some of what we learned in our everyday practice." – Jeff Nash, ADP, Claims

"I think it was worth the time and expense. Patricia is very good at what she does plus she stayed around to have conversations. I think the most powerful parts of her presentation that I took away were, 'a confused mind always says no' and 'you are speaking to be remembered and repeated.' When you spend some much time speaking about your product and services you sometimes assume that what you're saying is understood and that can be detrimental to your efforts. So the Midwest will be constantly reminded of making sure our prospects understand our message. I believe it will help us close more deals." – Vincent Yazurio, ADP, Claims

"As always, my expectations for the Fripp sales presentation skills seminar were high. It is difficult to justify two full days out of the territory as we approach year end. However, I was more than satisfied. Patricia challenged me to look at my presentation in a completely new light. I feel more prepared and confident about my approach and believe this was the most productive seminar I have attended since I have been with ADP. A few thoughts:

  • She demanded perfection and gave immediate feedback. Too often a speaker will have attendees role-play and accept an average performance as to not put the speaker in an uncomfortable situation. Patricia would interject immediately and force the speaker to improve. Uncomfortable—YES, Productive—DEFINITELY...
  • Speakers were given an opportunity to role-play real issues that are current and will translate into revenue for ADP.
  • Provided a framework that can be adapted to all our sales calls and pre call planning.

"I would recommend continuing a relationship with Patricia. She adds tremendous value to our presentation and will make ADP a more professional corporation. Fripp is a differential advantage to our sales team. On a personal level, I would love an opportunity to work with her to help prepare for key appointments. ADP should consider her for this option too." – Randy Bianchi, National Account District Manager, ADP

Veritas Software Corporation

"At VERITAS, we only work and hire the best, most experienced sales people as we have sophisticated products to solve our clients complicated business issues. Naturally, to help guide our sale force we only partner with the best sales trainers and consultants we can find. The Fripp & Associates team fits this description and has greatly exceeded our expectations in both a facilitating and development role. Patricia, you and your associates have provided the VERITAS team with tremendous guidance and support. The role your team plays is critical and has made a difference in our field organization's results. As a result of participating in your highly interactive sales presentation training and coaching both the Sales Representatives and Systems Engineers always feel more prepared to communicate clearly and concisely with our customers. We always receive rave reviews from the Fripp & Associates training.

We look forward to a great 2005 as VERITAS continues to evolve." – Matt Cox, Director VERITAS Education, VERITAS Software

American Home Shield

"I think of you every time I speak to a group. You would be proud! I have slowed down and continue to insert 'Hollywood' stories." – Mary Boyan Slakey, American Home Shield

Canada Wide Magazines

"Thank you for your superb presentation to my sales staff here in Vancouver. You are without a doubt a consummate professional and quickly engaged every member of my staff with your professionalism, charm, quick wit and your exceptional content. I am truly indebted to you for this marvelous gift. After finishing lunch with you and getting back to the office, I found many of the staff implementing your ideas into their presentations and their verbal skills. You obviously had a great impact. You now have 65 Frippnotized Canada Wide fans in your corner. Having seen you twice in two days with separate audiences and separate content, you continue to amaze me with your versatility. Your passion is so clear and as Steven Covey says in his new book, The Eighth Habit, to find your voice and then inspire others to find theirs. You are the master! Speakers Roundtable are indebted to your continual inspiration for this business." – Peter Legge, Chairman, Canada Wide Magazines

JCP Geologists

"Thank you for your exciting and productive sales presentation training. I admit to feeling nervous that the team from novice to our President would not be receptive. However, you seemed to know just what to do to both relax and motivate each individual. My goal was after our training with you that our sales team would be energized and motivated to seek out and deliver more sales presentations. Not only are we all motivated and energized, we are now well equipped with the skills needed to perform a top notch presentation that will capture our target audience and increase our sales dramatically.

Thank you for giving our team such a great foundation to build on and a very promising start for the new year!" – Denean Richards, Business Development / Sales Manager, JCP Geologists

William E. Wood & Associates

"Patricia, 'I wish you could have been there, $100 million goes up on the screen, there is a hush over the audience and Mr. Thurmond announces that yes, Williamsburg has achieved an all-time goal.' Today, thanks to your brilliant session I started my sales meeting with those words. The audience gasped and sat forward wanting to know what came next. From now on, every time I get the opportunity to speak with my group I will paint vivid word pictures! Based on your instruction we went ended with an exercise where we introduced ourselves 'provocatively.'

"A huge success—everyone left energize, interacting with each other in a way they never had before. Before the training, I needed a recharge of the old batteries. You were just that right charge!" – Angela M. Dougherty, Managing Broker, William E. Wood & Associates

"Fripp! On behalf of the TraveLeaders sales team, I want you to know—We are energized! We are confident! We are Fripp-A-Fide! Thank you for your expert sales and presentation skills coaching for my sales and account management teams. It is a JOY to watch our team emerge as a force to be recognized throughout the travel industry. They started out good. Your innovative techniques, along with your brilliant insights, made them great. The Fripp training will result in a great return on our investment! This was the second training day we benefited from. It will not be the last. We look forward to having you as one of our 'secret weapons' for a long time. You may be small in stature—however, you are worth your weight in gold!

YOU made a difference!"– Kimberly Burnside, Senior Vice President, Western Region, TraveLeaders

American Home Shield

"Your influence on the American Home Shield team has been instrumental in helping to increase sales, perfect presentations, and build confidence. My managers are enjoying and benefiting from your phone coaching. For all of this, I want to say with the deepest sincerity, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are truly a magnificent sales trainer and speech coach!" – Shelly Al Hashash, Vice President Sales, American Home Shield


"ADP Northeast Sales is happy to give Patricia Fripp a strong recommendation for her sales presentation training. The Northeast Sales organization made one of the best investments when inviting Patricia Fripp to present two days of training. Her presentation was the most interesting presentation I've ever attended at ADP. The entire audience of both sales and technical associates were engaged and involved... even the seasoned professionals were impressed. Patricia is a powerful coach who exhibits great flexibility in customizing her material. She was particularly relevant to our organization. Patricia is energetic, motivating and truly inspirational. I can tell through her energy that she truly enjoys her work. She is passionate about what she does and committed to teaching skills than impact our bottom line.

"The ADP Northeast sales teams are guaranteed to give better sales presentations and win more business as a result of these two days spent with Patricia. I would love to have another opportunity to have Patricia back at ADP in the near future." – Elizabeth Garvin-Clarke, Area Sales Consultant Director, ADP

American Home Shield

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hands-on sales training you provided to our Western sales team last week. I have attended many courses over my years and must say that at some point in the day most had me looking at my watch to see when they'd be over. However, your program flew by, I couldn't believe I sat there for 10 hours and actually was prepared to invest a few more hours. Your enthusiasm, knowledge of OUR business and the practical applications you taught to our team will benefit the careers of many of our sales professionals, as well as our customers. I look forward to you being an active part in American Home Shield training events in the future. Thanks again!" – David J. Crawford, Sr. Vice President, American Home Shield

Veritas Software Corporation

"The last 48 hours since your sales presentation training have been a Frippin' high! After attending your session on Friday for the VERITAS sales team and systems engineers, I find myself changing the way I interact with all people. My wife is amazed at my enthusiasm as are my in-laws and friends. I have told at least 15 people about the value of your training session and I have had people listening to every word. However, what's even more impressive is the fact that I have changed some basic communication and baa boom—it works.

"What a seriously fun and educating experience. You have helped me enormously and for that I say a big THANK YOU."– David Dzienciol, Sales Manager, Global Accounts, VERITAS Software, Australia

"I thoroughly enjoyed Patricia Fripp's training in Sydney. I learned more than I imagined possible in one day and thought it extremely valuable to participate in. From Patricia's session, I found most valuable the ways in which we can be more creative and interesting when presenting. I know in the future I will learn to prepare even a short introduction (as opposed to winging it) and practice any presentation I have on my peers. It was encouraging too when Patricia helped us individually, as well as getting constructive feedback from everyone in the room." – Anna Pitman, Sales Coordinator, VERITAS Software, Australia

"In my 15 years in the IT industry, the Patricia Fripp sales presentation skills training was the best company provided training I have ever undertaken. Prior to the Fripp training I had considered myself to be a competent presenter; however, Patricia had some fantastic insights which will dramatically improve my presentations. She is a master presenter, a delight to watch, and trains in a very effective style combining examples and student participation. I would recommend this course to beginner and experienced presenters alike. Thank you to VERITAS for providing this training. It will pay off in bottom line sales." – Jamie Pride, Sales Representative, VERITAS Software, Australia

"The Fripp & Associates Sales Presentations Skills course in Toronto was... brilliant! I received more value in the first two hours of this presentation than in all three days at our recent Sales Conference. The one-on-one coaching session was extremely beneficial in tuning my presentation skills. With the skills that Patricia, David and Tom can foster in our sales force, $2,000,000,000 dollars in sales is a reality not a target." – Paul Armstrong, Systems Engineer, VERITAS Software (Canada) Inc.

"The Fripp & Associates sales presentation training was an incredible investment of time." – Ian Teague, Sales Manager, VERITAS Software (Canada) Inc.

"Working with Fripp for one day resulted in increased sales and effectiveness of all my highly technical sales professionals. Can't wait to do it again." – Joe Wester, Senior Vice President Business Development, SalesLink, CMGI Company

Veritas Software Corporation

"The Fripp & Associates sales presentation training was an incredible investment of time." – Ian Teague, Sales Manager, VERITAS Software (Canada) Inc.

Canada Wide Media

"Preparation is an extinct art! Most salespeople (or at least the average ones) take the easy way out and 'wing it' far too many times. You focused on both the importance of the message and what it takes to craft that message in a way that grabs the prospect. I guarantee you that now all my salespeople are rethinking how they open a presentation and how they can make the most out of their time with the prospect. Thanks for a great presentation and making us think." – Dave Delventhal, National Sales Director, AG Consulting

"My sales team was extremely impressed with your training session on better speaking and selling tips. They were thrilled with the way you coached them and the speed with which you grasped our business. Our sales have increased because our trainers are able to get their point across in a much more concise manner. You did an excellent job, and we really appreciate it. No sales force that presents to groups in order to make a sale should be without this training." – Ron Marks, President, Results Seminars


"I use your outline prep format for every speech I do ... sales presentation, internal training, even conference calls. It has really made my preparation faster and more effective! The 'character and dialogue' concept makes these speeches not only more fun for my listeners, but a heck of a lot more fun for ME! Without your coaching I would have been swamped trying to prepare for my 3 sessions at our corporate." – Libby Easton, ADP

"You really helped me increase the effectiveness of my Tom Hopkins presentation considerably. You helped me rethink the way I present, tell stories and gave me an insight into how to be more personal during the workshops. My client's have recognized the difference and let me know through comments and more importantly, results! By investing in buying more tickets." – Dan Umdenstock, National Sales Trainer, President, Results Seminars

People Inc.

"I have an important sales presentation to deliver to 200 people. I was all set to go until I reviewed the entire program based on the advice you gave. I tore up the entire talk, edited it in half, and rehearsed it the way you showed. It now sings." – Jim Smith, SPHR, People Inc.

AG Consulting

"Coming out of the training session with Patricia Fripp, I'd have to say I wasn't just ready to give a presentation to a large audience—I am looking forward to it. Considering I'd rather jump out of airplanes than speak for audiences, that's a stunning endorsement. And Patricia's training was excellent. Bring her back—pay her double. Everyone in our company needs to be trained in the Fripp Sales Presentation methods. What a great combination of sales, persuasion and speaking skills." – Eric Stieler, AG Consulting


"What a great two days! From a simple ROI standpoint, I am confident we will see a payback in less than 4 months. From my standpoint, a salesperson's sales cycle can begin or end with how well they give their presentation." – Greg Stivers, Division Vice President, ADP

"As a mergers and acquisitions specialist, group presentations count for everything. I make my money by closing transactions. Patricia Fripp's executive speech coaching would be worth every penny even at twice the price. She produced such great value for me with a minimal amount of time. The return on my investment with her is huge!" – Michael K. Sipe, President, Private Equities

ADP "Fripp is energetic committed to ADP, fun and practical knowledgeable, worth every penny and then some. The epitome of entertainment and effectiveness. Patricia Fripp makes speaking in front of thousands of people look so easy.Her techniques work immediately unlike any other training.Patricia Fripp is a powerful coach who exhibited great flexibility to make the material particularly relevant to us.Patricia Fripp is a dynamic speaker who has terrific ideas to help us create better presentations.Patricia Fripp is a high energy, knowledgeable presenter that is passionate about what she does. Patricia Fripp is a fabulous presenter. She kept us engaged throughout the entire session.This is the best training session I have attended.She helped tie in all of her examples to our business needs which made the situations more real to us she made the topics about "her client" I am certain that the ADP sales organization will give better presentations and win more business as a result of these two days spent with Patricia. I want to look like her at 50 years old. I aspire to be a keynote speaker for our customers and clients. Patricia Fripp the presenter is fabulous, excellent, fun and should be paid double and train more at ADP Rudyard Kipling said an investment in knowledge returns the greatest interest. I say a Fripp seminar returns interest forever. Fantastic job! Great investment ADP made in our people. My performance will improve. Innovative, entertaining and fun to learn new concepts, value added to my next presentation. Humor and true live stories deliver value to everything.Patricia Fripp is an energetic, articulate, motivating, and truly inspiring coach.

Patricia's techniques are simple and easy to apply; she was captivating." – Attendees, ADP Northeast Region, 2002 Sales Presentation Training