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"Every year, my appreciation for you grows stronger! With great enthusiasm and reliability, you have proven yourself to be an integral part of our annual conference and a favorite among our members.

Given the virtual environment, your speaker training program has become more important than ever. Our presenters greatly benefitted from the strategies and wisdom you shared, ensuring greater quality in every one of our workshops.

Thank you as well for facilitating a fantastic interview with our Payroll Man and Woman of the Year. Your thoughtful coaching and practice sessions allowed them to shine and speak confidently in the recording. Whether on-screen or in-person, your bright presence leaves a lasting impression.

Your speech coaching, influence and impact on our speakers and leaders shines through everything we do. What is most satisfying is that APA’s and GPMI’s community members are aware of your significance, and they credit you for their growth and ability to be a better communicator at meetings, conventions, through leadership and life.

Thank you so much for being an important part of our success! My most gracious thanks."

Dan Maddux, Executive Director,
American Payroll Association

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FrippVT Clients are Saying...

“Ever since I subscribed to the FrippVT Powerful, Persuasive Presentations online course, I have been raving about the quality of the advice and the results I am enjoying. FrippVT is the BEST investment I have made in my speaking career. My investment was $300, and after two months I would have paid $3000.

Every day I invest an hour watching, learning, and applying what I have learned.

My recommendation is to go through the course slowly and incorporate the ideas in your talks as you go along.  I don’t give myself permission to go to the next session until I’ve incorporated at least one FrippVT idea into my talks from my current session.

As a successful speaker and author, my goal is to milk every bit of wisdom I can from each of the sessions. This has been life-changing. And as proof, at the end of a recent speech, a woman handed me a note saying I had given a $30K speech! Before being introduced to Patricia Fripp and her incredible knowledge and ability to teach virtually, I had never received feedback this powerful and career-changing.

I’m only about 2/3rds through the course, and for the first time in my speaking career, I really know what I’m doing when I take the stage. My stories are tightly constructed, and each one serves the premise of my talk and provides 'points of wisdom.'  My clients and audience members tell me my talks are easier to follow, and my presentation skills are vastly improved.  From one course, I learned a Fripp customizing technique that resulted in my booking an international presentation to a very influential business audience.”

Mitzi Perdue
Author, Professional Speaker, Businesswoman

“After two months of working with FrippVT online learning, I was committed to becoming an engaging, yet still authentic and passionate, speaker.

Having connected easily to Patricia Fripp's principles, Frippology, for refining my speech, I began feeling more confident and at ease and willing to accept speaking engagements.

I delivered a keynote speech at a fundraising gala of 350. That resulted in two additional major gift donors. I conducted New Employee Orientations for up to 200 new county colleagues per month and have emceed a High School Senior Presentation ceremony for the National Charity League. I spoke to a 200-person board of trustees for Ronald McDonald of Southern California about their investment in our region as well as co-presenting a breakout session on strategic startup programs with another regional leader. I also presented to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors in an emotionally charged kickoff for an 8,000-person employee giving program.

Now I'm looking forward to producing my first webinar for physicians on the establishment of a grateful patient program.

This has been a fantastic investment because of its multifaceted applications. Whether I am speaking to one person, a small group, or hundreds of people, the art of communication is a gift that needs to be honed in an authentic way. Fripp VT gives the structure and strength to allow one's heart, passion, and message to be received easily with deep resonance.

Thank you, Patricia Fripp, for giving me additional tools to let my heart and message shine through to others.”

Amy Towner, CEO
Ventura County Health Care Agency

“Patricia, you saved the day! I was summoned on rather short notice to speak as a keynote speaker for our corporate annual sales conference. My task was to relate technical details to a non-technical audience. Lucky for me, a week in advance I found FrippVT. I worked tirelessly devouring the FrippVT content most evenings until 2 a.m. to perform at the highest level possible.

Can you imagine my excitement to walk off stage and hear, ‘You stole the show,’ ‘Are you a professional speaker?’ and ‘The audience was hanging onto your every word.’

I cannot thank you enough for creating FrippVT. Having your wisdom, advice, and guidance 24/7 throughout my preparation for this speaking engagement. Consider me your biggest fan.” 

Scott Lelii, Head of Digital & IT,
Volvo Construction Equipment Sales

“You might enjoy knowing the impact of the FrippVT course on one of your students. Your material is so on-target and relevant that I’ve been devoting at least an hour a day to practicing different components of it. I've worked on premises and points of wisdom; on the you instead of the I; and on customizing the speech for the client. The structures of my talks have all been Frippnotized, and you’d be surprised at how they’ve been changed and transformed because of your system.

Before FrippVT Powerful, Persuasive Presentations, the kind of testimonial you’ll read below had never come my way. It came in just this morning, and I couldn’t wait to thank you. Having you as my virtual speech coach has made a dramatic difference in my career. Wendy Diamond, CEO & Founder, Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization wrote, 'Mitzi Perdue is an incredible public speaker, storyteller, and entrepreneur! Throughout your talk, the audience was riveted and sitting on the edge of their seats while Mitzi thrilled with her one-of-a-kind life experiences and her over-the-top delivery. Her historic backstory is beyond entertaining and full of fabulously memorable pearls of wisdom. Mitzi Perdue is an American treasure!'"

Mitzi Perdue
Author, Professional Speaker, Businesswoman

“For 20 years I have hired Patricia Fripp to train and coach sales teams with amazing success. FrippVT, in combination with in-person training and coaching, is an unbeatable combination.”

ConcurGreg M. Stivers, Sr. Vice President Client Development

“It is perfect to train our busy sales reps. Even though our sales are a relatively small amount, an investment in FrippVT is so easy to justify.”

ConcurAnnemarie Vivolo, Executive Relationship Manager

“FrippVT is a must-have resource for all professionals. I highly recommend FrippVT to everyone who speaks in public or has to. It just doesn’t make sense to be without 24/7 access to the wisdom and experience of the master professional that Patricia Fripp is.”

Pat Lynch, President
Business Alignment Strategies

“I am an experienced sales professional and student of public speaking, and every time I sign into FrippVT I learn something new. This is the best training I have ever participated in. The format is enjoyable and very practical for busy professionals. They are very enjoyable, and I find the format to be very practical. The FrippVT User meetings are exceptional. What a bonus!”


Rashid Kapadia
Project Manager, Engineer, Consultant,
and Author of Necessary Bridges

“Virtually and in person, Patricia Fripp turns average presenters into corporate rock stars!

Patricia is gifted at improving and polishing all our leaders’ presentation skills. This leads to an incredible impact on the final result of our entire convention and on-going training.”

Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association

“Patricia always delivers on everything she promises. At three different companies, I have watched Patricia Fripp work her sales presentation magic. At First American Home Warranty, it is no surprise that she has done it again. After seeing her in person, my team was buzzing about diving into Fripp VT. Patricia always delivers on everything she promises. I am grateful and excited to bring her talents to our company. I truly love working with her as she helps me take our group to the next level.”

First American TitleTracy Berger, Senior Vice President, Sales
First American Home Warranty