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"Every year, my appreciation for you grows stronger! With great enthusiasm and reliability, you have proven yourself to be an integral part of our annual conference and a favorite among our members.

Given the virtual environment, your speaker training program has become more important than ever. Our presenters greatly benefitted from the strategies and wisdom you shared, ensuring greater quality in every one of our workshops.

Thank you as well for facilitating a fantastic interview with our Payroll Man and Woman of the Year. Your thoughtful coaching and practice sessions allowed them to shine and speak confidently in the recording. Whether on-screen or in-person, your bright presence leaves a lasting impression.

Your speech coaching, influence and impact on our speakers and leaders shines through everything we do. What is most satisfying is that APA’s and GPMI’s community members are aware of your significance, and they credit you for their growth and ability to be a better communicator at meetings, conventions, through leadership and life.

Thank you so much for being an important part of our success! My most gracious thanks."

Dan Maddux, Executive Director,
American Payroll Association

All Patricia Fripp’s services can be conducted virtually or in person.
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Since 2015 Patricia's coaching, training, and presenting have successfully been conducted virtually.
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Keynotes and Presentations

Audience Members Are Saying...

"Patricia presented to 250 select Zebra Technologies employees a seriously engaging, highly informational, and to the point crash course on Selling Yourself and Your Ideas! As an audience member, I was taking notes every sentence. As a participant called onto stage, I was taught how to transform a critical upcoming presentation into a memorable winning conversation. Patricia is the real deal. If you're considering hiring a speech coach, a speaker to rally your workforce, or an experienced educator to prepare your sales team to achieve double-digit growth, look no further, Patricia is the call to make." -Brian Derrow, Champion for a CANI Culture of Innovation and Organizational Moon Shot


"What a great motivational speaker! I would definitely attend your seminar again and hope FedEx extends the offer! Thank you for the link to your site. I will definitely use it." – Wendy Norton, FedEx


"You were fabulous this morning at our sales meeting! Your story is inspiring and you 'deliver the goods' both in terms of content and polish of performance. Impressive!" – Rick Bonetti, Alain Pinel Realtors


"You did an outstanding job as an emcee. You fill that role with such grace, ease and professionalism. The APA is very fortunate to have found a great friend and colleague." – Lois Fried, Client Trainer, ADP


"Thank you for your keynote speech at our Global Professional Administrator’s Conference at Microsoft. Wow, what an enjoyable time. I was challenged, motivated, and encouraged. I have continued to ponder what you shared, and I am rethinking many of my priorities." – Pam Hemphill, Microsoft

"For an accredited coach, speaking is the most powerful tool you own to grow your business. It’s a learned skill. What an experience to learn from the best presentation skills expert. Patricia Fripp taught an overflowing crowd of coaches the techniques to engage an audience and deliver a powerful message. Her advice at ICF Converge17 helped us learn how to drive business." – Sara Krisher, ACC, President of ICF Minnesota, Owner of STAND TALL


"What a program! The tandem talent of presentation skills expert Patricia Fripp and screen writing consultant Michael Hague proved to be one of the best ever programs. From Michael Hague’s succinct and insightful ten elements of great story telling to Patricia Fripp’s targeted strategies to tighten and enliven our stories in service to our audiences, we were blessed with a big-picture understanding and practical tools to make the magic of stories work. I write on the power of story, and this program delivered value I can use and share." – Terry Paulson, PhD, CAP, CPAE, Past President of the National Speakers Association

Bachrach & Associates

"When it comes to anything about presentations, you are brilliant. After I gave you the overview of my speech, I could not believe how fast you listened to the theme and my talking points, and in 20 seconds you delivered one of the most impactful openings I could and will use. The next day you got up in front of our Advisor audience and tied the example with your introduction to show me how to deliver it. Your entire program was 6 hours of brilliance and practical advice. Wow! No wonder we keep asking you back." – Anne Bachrach, Bachrach & Associates

"Thank you so much for your keynote speech, Under the Magnifying Glass: Good to Great on Steroids. Even as a seasoned speaker, I learned so much. You have the 'entire package.' You have the looks, the presence, the knowledge, and the delivery! Every time you taught us an idea or technique, it 'rang true.' Everyone I spoke to around me and in the breaks felt exactly the same way.When it comes to presentation skills, you are the master." – Karen Schraga

"It was a pleasure hearing you this morning. Your tips in just the morning session were incredible and will change the experience for my audiences moving forward." – Paul Flowers

"Not only did you deliver your insightful information, but you also demonstrated your magnifying glass technique with the powerful experiential learning process."– Amy Segami, PaintingOnWater

"So many speaking coaches focus mainly on the performance aspect of speaking: body language, gesture, posture, etc. That’s important, but a great speech is nothing without great content, and Patricia takes a deep dive into structure, message and storytelling.

After watching her superb presentation and mini-coaching I came away with so much substantive information that will vastly improve my performance as a speaker. As a speechwriter, professional speaker and presentation trainer myself, I have high expectations when I’m in the audience, and I can’t sit still for a mediocre speech. I was riveted to Patricia’s words and performance. The two hours sailed by and I didn’t check my phone once, which rarely ever happens. Bravo!" Rob Biesenbach, Author of 11 Deadly Presentation Sins: A Path to Redemption for Public Speakers

Greenberg Capital

"Patricia Fripp can teach more in a three-hour session than any other speaker I have heard during my entire professional career. She is truly intoxicating to watch, hear, and study." – David D. Greenberg, Greenberg Capital

Karr & Associates, Inc.

"As a speaker and executive speech coach Patricia Fripp is intoxicating and addictive!" – Ron Karr, CSP, Strategist, President, 2013-2014 National Speakers Association

"What a truly wonderful experience meeting Patricia Fripp and being in her “Good to Great to Awesome Presentations: The Inside Secrets” training at the National Speakers Association of New York. My wife Margie and I learned more in one day than in all other speaker training we have attended. No exaggeration! We consider ourselves students of public speaking and presentation skills. Nothing compares to what Patricia Fripp offers." – Bill Fleischhauer

Aviva Life Insurance Company

"It was a great experience listening to you at the MDRT convention in Atlanta. Your session was very informative and interesting and definitely amongst the best in the whole convention." – Aman Deep Lohan, Regional Director (West & South), Aviva Life Insurance Company India Ltd., Mumbai, India


"Thank you for a great presentation on the art of public speaking today at Hult International Business School! In addition to being an inspiring role model for women to become confident, personable public speakers, I appreciated your insights on sales from your experiences and how you shared your wealth of knowledge from being a self-made entrepreneur who started as a hair stylist. Moreover, your Frippisms on ‘who wants to know you’ and ‘opportunity knocks’ resonated with me because they highlighted precisely what I need to improve on. Given the Chinese culture’s emphasis on humility, you also resolved my problem of distinguishing myself without appearing to boast by accepting compliments and sharing the recognition with distinction." – Jenny Liu, Hult International Business School MBA Candidate 2011


"As you know, I have been active in NSA since the late ’70s. We have both watched 100’s of speakers over the years. Your program at the Mega Session at the NSA Winter Conference was insightful and useful. When it comes to presentation skills, public speaking tips, and advanced speech coaching ideas, you are brilliant! I kept commenting to Rick, 'She’s right on target!'" – Pam Lontos, President, PR / PR

"Your presentation for Toastmasters District Conference was the most informative presentation I have ever attended. Your demonstration on changing one or two words and how it focused the speech was just wonderful. Thank you so much for all your terrific information."Dennis Guyer

"Thank you for your animated sales presentation at the Athena’s Event. At the trainers meeting we suggested you return again. As a trainer for the company, I think that you have been the best, most practical, most organized speaker we have ever hired. You truly are informative and your techniques tangible." – Christine LaPlante, Company Trainer and Team Leader, Goddess

Humor Power

"You were brilliant as usual at the National Speakers Association chapter meeting. I love watching your coaching. It’s always fresh and focused."  John Kinde, Observational Humorist, www.HumorPower.com

Alain Pinel Realtors

"You were fabulous this morning at our sales meeting! Your story is inspiring and you “deliver the goods” both in terms of content and polish of performance. Impressive!" – Rick Bonetti,  Alain Pinel Realtors

"Your ‘Good to Great Presentation Skills Seminar’ was amazing. You went above and beyond as far as quality, personalization, and generosity of information. Just outstanding. Thank you!"Laura Fitton

"You were over the top fabulous! I attended the session of Wisconsin President’s Organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You were the featured speaker. I am called on frequently to give major public speeches now only in my capacity as a business owner and former CEO but also because I serve as the President of the Board that oversees the Milwaukee Port and hence as a public official. I have made a passion of studying good speakers and have read no less than 15 books on how to improve speaking skills.

Yet I learned a lot from you which translates into the fact you are very good!" – Daniel Steininger, President, Wisconsin President’s Organization

Innisbrook Wraps Fundraising

"Thank you so much for a wonderful two-day sales and presentation skills training in Dallas. After 17 years with Innisbrook, I cannot recall a seminar that left so many of us as motivated as we were after yours. Your coaching was valuable and entertaining. I now have many more invaluable tools with which to craft more effective presentations. Wow!!! What a wealth of information given in the Fripp workshop. I will suggest to Sharon, Rob and David that we bring you back for more." – Alyne Weinhouse, Innisbrook Wraps Fundraising

Penn State Outreach / The Alley Popper Restaurant and Lounge

"Wow, when I left our little conference, I was absolutely glad that I attended. Your speech was just what I needed to hear. Not only for my job here at Penn State Outreach, but for the business that my husband and I own. We are two years in to owning a bar / restaurant / banquet facility. I’m excited to use what you said to help see that business grow… Thank you for inspiring me yesterday. I only wish that I had time to sit with you and learn from you more." – Lisa Komidar, Penn State Outreach and The Alley Popper Restaurant and Lounge

Raphael Partners LLP

"It was a pleasure meeting you and contributing with my not-so-subtle ‘Alleluia’ at your talk at the Collins Barrow Conference. Your presentation was one of the best I have witnessed in a long time. You are definitely one of the sparkling jewels in shimmering San Francisco. Great city, great conference and great insights. I also enjoyed viewing your website along with reading the additional information about you and brother Robert." – Peter K. Hrastovec, Raphael Partners LLP


"You did an outstanding job as an emcee. You fill that role with such grace, ease and professionalism. The APA is very fortunate to have found a great friend and colleague." – Lois Fried, Client Trainer, ADP


"You were a great keynote speaker for the Ragan Speechwriters Conference and added much to the event." – William J. Fleming, Writer-Editor, Institutional Advancement Division, Baltimore City Community College

Ernst & Young

"Thank you for your keynote address at last week’s speechwriters conference. I took away several tips to use in eliciting stories from my executives and helping them deliver presentations fitting to their personalities and their comfort levels. Your suggestions of specific questions to ask that tie in to the subject matter will come in particularly handy." – Julia Brunts, Ernst & Young

CareVest Capital Inc.

"You are simply brilliant! Your presentation at the Canada Wide Magazine & Communications sales seminar was the best instruction and advice I have heard in years. "I have had the good fortune to attend numerous sales seminars, hosted by the most highly-respected speakers including Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn. Their seminars have provided me with insight and excellent advice concerning business practices. However, I have always left feeling that something was missing. Another well-known speaker had me working on the theory that I had 21 seconds to state my name, rank, serial number, rate of return and primary expertise all within the first 21 seconds of being introduced. I have been struggling with this concept, not to mention the wording, for many months. When you said that it was not about what I do… but what I do for others… I had an epiphany! You were right and he was wrong! "You added the missing ‘something.’ I realize now that I have been far too static and fact driven in my approach to existing and potential clients.

It was truly a pleasure to meet you. My sincere thanks for your guidance. The next time you are presenting in Vancouver I would welcome the opportunity to attend." --Tom McGonigal, Investment Representative, CareVest Capital, Inc.

Home National Bank

"I’ve attended many seminars in the past on presentation skills. However, I have never walked away with 10 pages of notes. I’m in a new career with banking and your insights helped me overcome many of the barriers I’ve been experiencing. Thank you for building my confidence level and making my job more fun and enjoyable with a true sense of empowerment." – Christina Heide, Home National Bank

"Thanks for a wonderful presentation. I just listened to your interview with Lee Milteer for the second time in two days that was distributed to Dan Kennedy’s gold members. Your interview is easily in the ten most interesting I ever heard, and your website is a model of what a good website should be. Thanks again for a pleasant and informative listening experience with more lessons per minute than they average speaker gives in hours." Bruce Meiklejohn

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

"I recently attended the Indiana State SHRM Conference and just had to send a special thank you for such an enjoyable experience. Your seminar regarding “The 10 Biggest Traps to Avoid When You Speak,” was my all time favorite. I walked away with some incredibly helpful and memorable advice. After years of attending many different seminars and conventions I can say with authority; you really know how to put on a show and keep the attendees focused on your every word. I can’t wait to see you present again in the near future. I would recommend your speaking skills seminar to anyone wanting to enhance their speaking ability." – Angela Crowe, Human Resources Assistant, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

"You do have great style… I heard you at the National Auctioneers Association Conference and you were wonderful! The stories and delivery were exceptional, meeting and surpassing all expectations of your gift of speaking. I HAVE experienced change after attending your sessions, and I thank you." Mary Jane McAskile


"Hi Patricia: I work for ADP and you came and spoke for us at our year end seminars two years ago. I saw first hand how you have earned your reputation. You had met all the others on my team a couple of weeks prior to when I heard you but we had not had an opportunity to meet because I’m from one of our remote offices. When you came to “scout the room” prior to your speech you very graciously introduced yourself to me and asked if I had one of your books yet. You had given copies to the other team members at prior meetings. When I said “no” you immediately found one for me and autographed it. You took a few minutes to make me feel like you had been waiting to meet me. "When I heard you speak the time flew by. I was sorry to hear it end and really wanted to hear much more. It’s one of the few times when I didn’t need a note to remember the words. In fact I still share the message of that particular speech when there’s an opportunity. It hit home.

"I always look forward to getting your newsletters and use your suggestions and tips with a lot of enthusiasm and the confidence that they are “tried and true” advice. I know I can rely on them to help improve my communication skills in all the classes I teach as well as any other situation that requires me to stand up and “present”. Thank you for all your time and effort. Although you don’t know me I’m certainly part of your fan club and thought I should let you know!" – Judy Allen, ADP

Association of Image Consultants International

"I am still boring all my friends, children and spouse with stories of my day spent with you at AICI in San Francisco. We are listening to all your tapes in our cars and in our homes, and learning so much. It was an honor to meet you. Your keynote at AICI was extraordinary… you have a great deal of talent coupled with incredible articulation, intelligence and humor and we are blessed that you are willing to share it. Thank you." – Pam Cramer, AICI, CA

American Home Shield

"I’m enjoying your CD’s and using your outline for effective sales presentations. I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous system. It has given me a way to feel more confident and relaxed with my presentations." – Madelyn Clinkaberry, Sr. Account Executive, American Home Shield

International Special Events Society

"You are the best!!! I loved every moment in your three seminars. Again thank you for your inspiration. I look forward to working with you." – John Daly, ISES


"What a great motivational speaker! I would definitely attend your seminar again, and hope FedEx extends the offer! Thank you for the link to your site, I will definitely use it." – Wendy Norton, FedEx


"ADP Northeast Sales is happy to give Patricia Fripp a strong recommendation for her sales presentation training. The Northeast Sales organization made one of the best investments when inviting Patricia Fripp to present two days of training. Her presentation was the most interesting presentation I’ve ever attended at ADP. The entire audience of both sales and technical associates were engaged and involved… even the seasoned professionals were impressed. Patricia is a powerful coach who exhibits great flexibility in customizing her material. She was particularly relevant to our organization. "Patricia is energetic, motivating and truly inspirational. I can tell through her energy that she truly enjoys her work. She is passionate about what she does and committed to teaching skills than impact our bottom line.

"The ADP Northeast sales teams are guaranteed to give better sales presentations and win more business as a result of these two days spent with Patricia. I would love to have another opportunity to have Patricia back at ADP in the near future." – Elizabeth Garvin-Clarke, Area Sales Consultant Director, ADP

Pacifico's Beauty Products

"A huge thanks for the time you spent with us at Pacifico’s Beauty in Denver. That was the 3rd time I’ve heard you speak and it just keeps getting better! You’re the best!" – Michele Rose, Pacifico’s Beauty Products


"I was one of the attendees at the session you presented to the FedEx organization. Thanks for making us think, and have fun at the same time. We are all the better for it!" – Dan Carney, Sr. Major Account Executive, FedEx

Hilton Hotel Corp.

"I attended two of your workshops, How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills and Adding Creativity & Leadership to Your Chapter APA Congress. Both were phenomenal. I am the Chapter President, and last night was our meeting. I applied what I learned in your workshops to my presentation. I came out from behind the podium, I was energetic and enthusiastic. I gave an overview of the Congress, creating pictures in their minds. I was animated, and expressive. I told them that this was the new and improved me, and they LIKED it! I implemented many of the ideas suggested in your chapter workshop to improve our chapter and they worked too! We will be a bigger and better Metro Phoenix Chapter based on your workshops." – Vicky K. Harrison, Payroll Manager, Hilton Hotel Corp.

I Was Kissed by Fripp! by Scott T. Love Two months ago I met this gal Who kissed me on the cheek. All I said to her was this: “I like the way you speak!” I’ll never wash this cheek, I thought As I flew back to Asheville. And now another forty-five days With lipstick on my cheek still. She taught me how to speak, I said, That’s true, I must confess! Forever Fripped with a ruby red kiss. Patricia, You’re the BEST! The only challenge in this whole story was the potential for some mild strife Is how I’ve had to explain this again And again and again to my wife.

Thanks for impacting my speaking business!

– Scott Love

Waddell & Reed

"You inspired me so much that I and a co-worker who also attended your seminar are putting together a follow up ‘study group’ next Wednesday morning to discuss the many great ideas we learned from you and to help each other implement them. We have 7 people coming to our office to “brainstorm” the Fripp techniques." – Kathleen Madden, Financial Advisor, Waddell & Reed

AG Consulting

"What a pleasure it was to hear you speak. Your enthusiasm and contagious energy made my inner fires light up. You really sparkle in front of a crowd and you made my day brighter. Thank you for the gift." – Matt Hall, AG Consulting

BorgWarner PTC Shared Services

"Your sessions were among the highlights of my trip to New Orleans at ADP’s Meeting of the Minds conference. As my dad would say, ‘Learn something and have fun? Who’d have thunk it???" – Susan Peters, BorgWarner, PTC Shared Services

Waddell & Reed

"Just wanted to let you know… our little follow up group after you were in Anchorage is working out great… we are sharing ideas from your seminar, networking and helping each other out… thanks for the inspiration." – Kathleen Madden, Financial Advisor, Waddell & Reed

"A few years ago you shared at the International Balloon Arts Convention. Your message was a natural high. The way I do business is constantly changing and evolving. The years of making relationships has paid off. But now I have found myself again at a new horizon in my business and some of the old fears and insecurity of being new in the crowd are making me apprehensive. The rush of the thrill of the sales is addictive and scary. I remembered you when I was at another crossroad of my career. I pulled out your video (which I must say has been conveniently located with all of my important resource material) and I have been listening to it every night for 3 days. My plan is to listen to your instruction for 21 days in a row. Thank you." LaDonna Belcher, CBA

Southern California Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists

"Imagine two hundred ministers, each convinced he or she may be God’s finest gift to oratory, listening to a lay person teach them how to improve their communication skills and deliver exciting sermons. Then imagine a standing ovation at the conclusion of the session. These powerful images tell the story of our first experience with speech coach and dynamic keynoter, Patricia Fripp. "It has been said a minister will fly around the world to preach a sermon but will not walk across the street to hear one, however, from start to finish, Patricia held our congregation of preachers in the palm of her hand. They laughed, learned, participated and told us they wanted her back so they can laugh and learn some more!

"We believe that each weekend thousands of our church members are hearing sermons that fall easier on their ears and penetrate further into their hearts and minds because of the speaking tips and techniques Patricia taught us in her keynote and workshop. We’re having her back!" – Daniel A. Savino, West Region Director, Southern California Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists

"Your presentation at the Toastmasters International Convention was one of the best presentations I have ever witnessed."Dianne Crimble

"It was an honor to meet you and a privilege to hear you speak at the eWomenNetwork convention in Dallas. I have attended numerous conferences over the years and have never experienced such a dynamic, riveting speech! Should our organization ever reinstate motivational training sessions, I will be sure to recommend you—highly!!! Thank you again for cranial nutrition and motivation."Cheryll McComb

Evoke Software

"Thank you for speaking at ASTD. You are such a delight. What I gained from your speech was validation.Living in a work world where technology is the be-all and end-all, communication of any sort takes a back seat. I was thrilled to hear the messages I believe in being kept alive. I am now re-energized to discover how I can make the company I work for an even better place by improving their communication styles. As the manager of Corporate Education, I have a task to get the company to respond to a Needs Assessment. I have highlighted on my wall in front of me ‘The quality of the information you receive depends on the quality of the questions you ask.’ "Like you, I began my work life as a hairdresser. My dream is to become a keynote speaker. My approach was to get a master’s degree in Speech Communication (which I did) and then offer my services. I am interested in the National Speaker’s Association also and have requested information about their Passport membership. Thank you for serving as such a wonderful model." – Sara Cardella, Manager, Corporate Education, Evoke Software

"I so enjoyed meeting you at our Windy City Summit treasury management conference this past week and especially enjoyed the session on business presentations. You gave me so many useful ideas and suggestions for improvement and I can’t wait to try them out. I don’t think I will ever listen to a presentation in the same way again."Norine Tempelman

American Red Cross

"Your performance at Meeting Of The Minds was spectacular." – Bob Browning, Red Cross

Wayest Safety, Inc.

"I truly believe your advice can help me not only in my sales presentations, but in the way I communicate with people on a day to day basis." – Brian Wood, Wayest Safety, Inc.

Sherry Laboratories

"I’ve been to other motivational and sales seminars including Zig Ziglar, but YOU ARE IN A CLASS ALL BY YOUR SELF. We at Sherry Labs in Oklahoma really enjoyed both of your seminars." – Ron Ryel, Account Manager, Sherry Labs

Lockheed Martin

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and presenting it in such a unique manner.The eight hours I spent with you generated a multitude of ideas to improve both processes and collateral materials." – Mike Howell, Coordinator New Product Development, Lockheed Martin Distribution Technologies

KARK 4 News

"Serving as the emcee for the SMEA awards in Little Rock, I had the opportunity and really, the pleasure of listening to you speak. I thoroughly enjoyed it! You really captured my attention and held it throughout." – Denise Whitaker, News Anchor, News 4 Little Rock

"What a great Website. I enjoyed you so much during the Women’s Conference on Friday and it would be such a treat to see you again. You are the best speaker I’ve ever seen. (This is coming from a theater major and Toastmasters novice.) And you are one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever seen—with Bill Clinton and Tina Turner. Reading your book now."Allison Streepey

Embassy Suites Hotels

"I really enjoyed hearing you speak today! I came back to the office ready to motivate the whole staff!  I took some great notes and look forward to learning more from your tapes! I plan to bookmark your website and to refer you to some of my key contacts. You have an outstanding ability to motivate! Keep it up!" – Kim Burket, Sales Manager, Embassy Suites Little Rock

"You are something else. You drive the message right through us. Very well done." – Reynald J. Roy, Biolab Toronto

"Enjoyed your talk as always. You are so good. I would like to think, in my own arrogance, that not everyone appreciates all the subtleties of speaking you manifest which makes it looks so easy. You and Michael Jordan—you guys all make it look easy as if anyone could do it. Practice. Practice. Practice."Michael Forrester

"Thank you so much for letting me tag along with you at Bio-Lab and for allowing me to listen to you speak, as always you were awesome!!. I learned so much. Also appreciate all your help with my presentation. I used the opening you gave me twice yesterday. It went down great and the Vidal Sassoon line you gave me with the insurance team… perfect!!!! You have always been so gracious with me Patricia, and with us both being ex hairdressers and Brits I really do feel a great connection."Charles M. Marcus

"Since my business partner and president of our company is a NAWBO member, when I found out that Fripp was coming to the meeting, I insisted on attending! My clients who attended the meeting also felt rejuvenated—they are both top notch Realtors in Arizona! They also LOVED your book!

I need to be Frippnotized about every 3 months to re-ignite the spark and interest in my business and my work. Sometimes it gets a little staid andyour words of inspiration are truly remarkable. I am going to hit your website much more often and find out where you are, so I can hear more words of inspiration more frequently."Dave Ryder

"I thought I would let you know that I am actually going to teach a seminar (where they pay to listen) tomorrow. It is both exciting and frightening. I have studied, both the material to present and all of the presentation skills material I could get my hands on. Because of you I am ready.
"I have attended several of your seminars at the APA Congresses over the last few years. I have sent emails to you before about how I have put some of them to use to get promotions and increases in salary. Since then I have been promoted from the Payroll Manager to the Manager of Payroll and Benefits. This is something I have lobbied for quite a while. I don’t know what I will make as my next major goal, but I do know that I will use tips from ‘Get what You Want’ to help me accomplish it.

"Thanks for your help! My husband wants to know what is the next step from Frippnotized. He says I was Frippnotized at the first Congress I attended. That was the last one in Nashville, TN. He thinks it has gone much deeper than that now. Are you scheduled to be at the Congress in March? I sent Dan a message telling him to ‘Bring her back—Pay her double!’– Janet Watson, CPP, Manager of Payroll and Benefits, Pilot Corporation

"I was at the apprenticeship conference in Dayton, Ohio and sat in on your break out session. You are the most exhilarating speaker I have ever seen." Mike Sizemore

Bartlett Tree Experts

"Thank you for your very inspiring presentation at Bartlett. You did a superior job at understanding our company and what our needs and targets are. I came away with my own high enthusiasm a few notches higher." – Stephen J. Johnston, Southeast District Manager, Bartlett Tree Company

"I enjoyed meeting you at the Ohio Apprenticeship Conference very much. The conference has come a long way and you were a very big part of making it successful. I admired your ability to research and work with the crowd prior to your speech. I am very glad I did not have to follow you in the speaking order. It was the difference between a pickup game of basketball and the finals of the NBA!"Terry Benewich

"Your words say in a short email is most of what I learned in my required two-day, Decker Communications Seminar for big bucks. The company could have saved the money and sent me to your seminar. Getting Frippnotized would have been too much fun. Keep up the good work." Dick Bahruth

"Your two presentations here in Wichita were the best events I’ve attended in two years, and that includes programs at NSA in Phoenix, the Disney Customer Service seminar brought here—Colin Powell, and Les Brown! "I spoke to many of the hundreds who attended, and they are just raving about the great usable ideas, the interaction, and the practical and fun-filled coaching you did. "Just last night I was talking to an engineer friend (over a ‘beverage’) who is trying to get backers to help with his new product, and fresh from your coaching session, I was able to guide him through an upcoming presentation—using the techniques you used to coach that young engineer whom you brought on stage who had to present to salespeople the benefits of his oil fuel modification. Talk about the excitement of passing on something I didn’t know how to do at that level just the day before!

"And I thought I was good ’till I saw you in action! I learned a lot of great information which will help me to advance beyond where I am as a speaker and share even more learning with my audiences."John Madden, International Speaker, Humorist and Trainer

"Hello Patricia Fripp. I thought I would let you know that you truly changed this young man’s life. I am not only more focused but I have a few more tools to use i.e., your website, the books and tapes I purchased and the remembrance of your presentation. You looked so fit and confident, that I was challenged to both change my diet and get a new attitude. I am in the process of producing some products and continuing my growth trek by taking all the engagements I can, and attending some key events. I know why they call you the queen of the platform. Wow, if you get any better, I want every tape." – Victor Lee, Motivational Speaker

"I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to see, hear and meet you at the Yes, The Positive Network seminar in Southfield, MI last Tuesday evening. I am a long time fan since hearing you last at a Yes seminar and try to incorporate your creative, innovative and knowing lessons into my lifestyle and always challenging careers. "It was very ironic the other night to see you as the guest speaker as I had planned to review some of your materials with a friend of mine who I brought to the seminar to cheer up after just being let go from her place of employment. I selected your materials to share with her, because I feel you have a special view on life and success which is uncommon, refreshing and entertaining. I enjoyed your theatrical style, gestures, tone, enthusiasm and your love for the subject is apparent.

"I was especially excited that during the break we had a moment to chat. After the seminar, we had dinner and reflected on your lesson all evening and now days after, she is still excited, refers to your materials frequently and is trying to see the positive side of the severance. I’m a devoted fan of yours…"Charles W. Hicks

"Thanks for such a great time at the Columbus, Ohio Yes, A Positive Network. What energy and enthusiasm!! It was nice with such a small group to be right in it with you."Virginia Macali

"Thank you for the enlightening, entertaining, and interesting seminar last evening. We attended the Yes, A Positive Network Series in Columbus, Ohio."

Arbie and Russ Mathias

"Patricia Fripp,You truly are a joy to see and hearin Harrisburg, PA. My attentiveness to your every gesture and pause along with my discipleship in my note taking said a mere fraction of what you shared. You were from the moment we met:pleasant, cordial, exciting, warm, friendly, encouraging, caring, attentive, understandable, accessible, applaudable, and brilliant."Victor Lee