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All training and coaching have been adapted to Virtual meetings.

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When your message must be memorable, your presentation persuasive, and your sales successful, Patricia Fripp can help.

In group presentation skills training and coaching sessions with Patricia Fripp, clients will learn, and be coached on, the essential aspects of presentations: development of content, presentation structure, getting buy-in for your ideas, story-telling ability, and delivery.

The Fripp training and coaching sessions will help no matter who your audience is, what size of group you present to, or the situation you present in. Both novice and seasoned speakers benefit from Patricia’s seasoned approach, vast experience, and versatility.


The objective of Fripp Presentation Skills and Coaching is for your professionals to sound clear, concise, confident and credible. The training and coaching will be designed around each client’s specific presentation goals.


To better serve her clients, before training starts, Patricia requests a pre-session interview to understand her client’s goals, experience and objectives. To help customize your training, in advance, Patricia enjoys interviewing a few of the participants. With many clients, Patricia delivers a customized Zoom webinar in advance of in-person training and coaching sessions. This will have everyone prepared and ready to be on their feet delivering content much faster.


Patricia Fripp will coach in all areas of preparing, presenting, and polishing powerful presentations. As well as Patricia’s stand up presenting, much of the time will be spent reinforcing the learning when participants speak and Patricia Fripp adds her razor-sharp coaching. For team presentations, the result will be that everyone will have the experience of being coached, and each person will learn from the experience of others.

The learning will be gained in a very practical, easy-to-absorb manner. Although the amount of time spent in this session is flexible, the impact depends on how much time the participants spend with Patricia Fripp, and how seriously they practice after her sessions with them. Training is best when not considered just a day of training. Patricia can guarantee that her Presentation Training and Coaching experience will be highly personalized and information-rich. Each participant’s questions will be answered. It is important to know your requests and expectations so your professionals will learn how to do the following:

  • Organize ideas and information in a logical structure
  • Personalize their conversation/presentation for each situation
  • Open and conclude every presentation with impact
  • Craft memorable stories and customer success examples
  • Connect emotionally and intellectually to every audience member
  • Improve listener buy-in for their point of view
  • Build confidence and trust with their audiences
  • Speak to be remembered and repeated for all the right reasons
  • Add clarity, credibility, and specificity
  • Answer questions appropriately
  • Build consistency with their message

Patricia promises every client will leave the sessions as a more confident, competent speaker and with skills that will last a lifetime

All learning needs repetition and reinforcement. Patricia’s highly interactive, learn-at-your-own-pace, web-based training at is perfect as part of ongoing skill development.  Sign up for Patricia Fripp's online training.

"Patricia presented to 250 select Zebra Technologies employees a seriously engaging, highly informational, and to the point crash course on Selling Yourself and Your Ideas! If your considering hiring a speech coach, a speaker to rally your workforce, or an experienced educator to prepare your sales team to achieve double digit growth, look no further, Patricia is the call to make."

Brian Derrow
Champion for a CANI Culture of Innovation and Organizational Moon Shot

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