What can you expect from Fripp coaching? You will have fun and learn skills that will last a lifetime. Also, sound clear, concise, and credible. Patricia’s help will save you time and build your confidence.

When is the best time to book a coaching session? As soon as you know what content you will cover. Patricia is not concerned if your slides are perfect. Her job is to help you script what you are going to say. Our goal is to have you sound conversational, persuasive, and personable.

What if you only have 3 minutes? Every word must count. Patricia will help you edit and dramatize your script.

How many coaching sessions can you book? As many as you want. With and without your co-presenters.

Why Patricia Fripp? Speakers at prior conferences have enjoyed and benefited from her coaching. She is an in-demand speech coach and award-winning speaker and speechwriter. 

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Supporting Documentation and Resources

How to Structure Your Speech

How to Open Your Presentation With Impact

The Power of a Well Told Story