Nutanix EBX Speaker Training Preparation

The EBX offers us amazing possibilities to nurture relationships and drive more sales.

To help you deliver your expertise in this new environment, our EBX speaker training is designed to make you comfortable with the new technology, and introduce you to advanced presentation techniques. We need to maximize our time together. Come prepared to demonstrate how you open your EBX presentation and deliver an important five to seven-minute segment of your content.

Your EBX presentations will need to be more conversational with more room for flexibility. The goal is to talk to the customer and respond rather than talking at them. Prepare to use less slides and none that are busy and complex. 

Prepare. The EBX team will help you understand the pain points of each customer. Prepare your presentation to respond to them and ask appropriate questions.

Technology. Ideally, presenters will have an external camera, an external microphone, and some additional lighting. If you do not have an external microphone, then headsets are recommended.

Please watch the Two Rivers preparation video.

Valuable Resources to Prepare for Our Training

All learning requires repetition and reinforcement. Bookmark this page for easy reference.

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