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Keynote Speech or Interactive Breakout Session by Patricia Fripp

You are smart enough to know that communicating effectively gets results. Presenting well is mandatory for credibility and business success. All professionals need to speak up in meetings, have important conversations, and deliver formal presentations. Are you confident that you always speak in a clear, concise, and credible way? Can you put together a presentation quickly and effectively, persuasively engage an audience of 1 or 100, and get buy-in for your ideas? Implement Patricia Fripp’s surefire techniques, and you will persuade, inspire, inform, and educate.

In this presentation you will learn how to do the following:

  • Create a persuasive presentation
  • Open and conclude every presentation with impact
  • Craft memorable stories and examples
  • Connect emotionally and intellectually with everyone
  • Improve listener buy-in for your point of view
  • Add clarity, credibility, and specificity in all communications
  • Deliver like a seasoned professional in person or virtually

All of Patricia Fripp’s presentations can be delivered as a keynote or convention breakout session. She is very experienced in virtual presentations. No matter what the makeup of your audience, Patricia will adapt to the specifics of your conference and industry.

Presentation Audience

"APA is extremely grateful for your two decades of engagement and support in speaking, training, and coaching."

Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association

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