How Stories Build Your Business and Your Credibility

Never Underestimate the Power of a Well-Told Story

Keynote Speech or Interactive Breakout Session by Patricia Fripp

If you’ve heard an enjoyable, memorable speech or business presentation, at least one aspect that made it memorable was the stories. Everybody loves a good story. That is part of their power. No matter what our culture, we grew up feeling that hearing a story was somehow a reward. Stories taught us values and our family’s legacy. When we’re in school, stories make history come alive. In business, we quickly discover that stories help us explain complex issues and are the best way to connect to co-workers, customers, and audiences of all sizes and makeup.

Stories provide clear, dramatic examples. Good stories can help differentiate you from your competition. Interesting stories that illustrate your message can inspire and motivate, train and teach, convince and persuade.

In this presentation you will learn how to do the following:

  • Find appropriate stories for every occasion
  • Discover fool-proof formulas for story success
  • Make stories memorable for all the right reasons
  • Incorporate Hollywood techniques that add drama
  • Know when stories will inspire and motivate, train and teach, convince and persuade.

All of Patricia Fripp’s presentations can be delivered as a keynote or convention breakout session. She is very experienced in virtual presentations. No matter what the makeup of your audience, Patricia will adapt to the specifics of your conference and industry.

"WOW! You really delivered a knockout punch as the guest speaker for Crestom’s International Meeting. You brought fresh, to the point materials that were applicable to everyone of our US and International attendees—no easy task. As you are aware, our Distributors spend every working day of their life utilizing materials and techniques by the masters: Zig Ziglar, Bob Pike, Harvey MacKay, Tom Hopkins, and other luminaries. With your one hour presentation, you vaulted to the head of the list."

John Krause, Executive Vice President
Crestcom International

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