Your Acceptance Speech

Your acceptance speech is a combination of the personal, your personality and your connection to the group who has honored you.

Every year I help the American Payroll Association’s Man of the Year put together his acceptance speech. Although a lot of the audience response comes from his delivery and the pride they have to honor one of their own, he does need a good script. Daniel Dycus, Certified Payroll Professional, gave me permission to put his speech online. He delivered it live on Friday, May 28, 2010.

Thank you Dan, and enjoy!

Patricia Fripp

Daniel Dycus, CPP, Accepting Speech Payroll Man of the Year APA Congress, 2010

Dan Dycus
Daniel Dycus, CPP
Payroll Man of the Year

Although it is late in the week, I still want to welcome you to my hometown… our nation’s Capital.

Perhaps you have heard I am a man of influence, and yes, I can get you a tour of the White House.

However, it’s not the one located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is the one on the third floor of APA’s new Meet Facility in Las Vegas.

Like many of the successes in my career, being awarded your 2009 PMOY came as a complete surprise.

Growing up on a farm in Northwest Georgia, I always loved animals. In the ninth grade, my goal was to become a…veterinarian.

My dreams were shattered in my first biology class. When the teacher said, “You are in for a treat…this is the day you will be dissecting your first frog” I turned…greener than the frog and decided the perfect career choice was… accounting.

After receiving my degree in accounting, I stayed in Atlanta and went to work for United Parcel Service. Yes, those big brown trucks and cute form-fitting brown uniforms. Before you panic, those are not worn in the corporate accounting department.

As a corporate accountant, I was more concerned with green and drove our benefit plans and benefit funding.

After several years, the Controller walked in and said, “Dan, you are a man of influence, and I have your next perfect opportunity. We need an honest, hardworking professional who we can trust with confidential data.”

At that point, I was excited and had no clue what I was getting into.

She said, “However, before you take over, you will be one of several hundred people that we are loaning to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics.”

For the next four weeks in my role at the Olympics, I got my first taste of show biz and stardom.

Thank you, APA, for giving me another taste of show biz and stardom.

After the Olympics, it was back to work. The Controller said, “Welcome back, Dan, to your new role as Senior Payroll Administrator. You will be responsible for paying all UPS top executives and 2,300 corporate staff located here in Atlanta and nine regions across the country.”

I walked out of her office and thought, “What have I just said yes to?” Like many of my APA colleagues, I grew into the position.

After a few years, the internet division of The Washington Post called and said, “Dan, we hear you are a man of influence.” Well… actually, Kay Naranjo didn’t say that the first time. I actually applied and she really liked me; however, she did say it during the next three times she asked me to join her team.

Moving to DC is when I was introduced to APA. Kay told me, “Dan, in order to grow your career, you need to get involved with APA at the local and national level.”

It is because of my mentors like Kay, and the support and education from APA that have helped me become your payroll man of the year.

Another mentor is a Senior Professor at Devry University, Sharon Rodriguez. For over twenty years she has said, “Dan, you can do anything you want; you just have to set your mind to it.”

You may be familiar with my third mentor…Margaret Roark. If you know her, you will not be surprised that she has guided me…and challenged me…to reach my potential with the utmost professionalism.

All three mentors have influenced my life and career in very important ways.

If it was not for them, I am sure that I would not be your PMOY. Throughout the years, I have done my best to honor them by giving back to you, my APA family.

In 1998, I joined The Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter of the APA. I jumped right in and volunteered with the annual Tri-State Conference Committee.

Since then, I have held most of the positions within the chapter, including Education Committee Chair and President.

For four years, as the Chair of Community Relations, I actively promoted WMAC to our local community.

My current role is web master, also known as…Head Payroll Geek.

With pride, I currently serve the Colonial Capital Chapter of the APA as their chapter Advisor and was excited to help in the formation of APA’s newest chapter…the Charles Town West Virginia Chapter of the APA. Welcome to our family!

On the APA national level, I was first part of the Government Affairs Task Force and the Certification Advisory Group.

Once I proved myself, I was offered the opportunity that was my dream job: Chair of the FPC Committee for the Certification Board. Thank goodness I did not like dissecting frogs.

Since then, my volunteering has included the National Speakers Bureau, CHAMPS, and I just completed my term on the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Since 2008, I have been a member of the American Accounts Payable Association and continue to serve as a member of the Editorial Advisors for the AP Journal Online.

In 2009, I enjoyed leading the formation of the first local chapter of the AAPA called the Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter, here in Washington, DC.

Thank you for the honor to be your 2009 PMOY.

Thank you to my mentors who have encouraged me.

Thank you to Dan Maddux and all the staff at APA for all that you do.

Thank you to my partner of ten years, Tony Curtis.

You may have read in Paytech Magazine; he often says, “I am his second love, as APA always comes first.” To this day, I am still trying to convince him that I am a man of influence.

As you know, without the support of our real families, we could not be as actively involved in APA.

Thank you all for a year that gave me a touch of show biz and stardom.

And don’t forget…if you want a tour of the White House, be sure and contact me.