Why Are So Many Speaker Introductions Boring? What to Do, What to Avoid

Patricia Fripp
Hall of Fame Speaker & Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

How to Introduce A Speaker and Set Them Up for Success

My friend and fellow speech coach Sim Wyeth is the author of Persuasive Public Speaking. We were discussing how to help our clients eliminate boring presentations. Here are some practical suggestions on what to do, and not do, when introducing a speaker.

First, you must be brief.

Avoid all stale and stilted phrases such as,  “It is indeed an honor…,” “A man who needs no introduction…” and “We are gathered here tonight…”
Do not embarrass the speaker with exaggerated predictions of the marvelous treat that awaits the audience.

Never exaggerate your speaker’s qualifications.

Avoid giving a speaker a false start. 

For example, “…and so I take great pleasure in introducing Paul Smith…” (Mr. Smith rises to his feet.) “…a man who is supremely qualified… blah, blah, blah…” (Mr. Smith drops back into his chair.)

Finally, do not steal the spotlight.

Frustrated public often  strive to give the audience a sample of what it is missing because the program committee did not have the good judgment to schedule them for the main speech.

Sims Wyeth
Speech Coach & Author, Sims Wyeth

If you are a speaker, do yourself and your introducer a favor… write your introduction yourself.  Remember, your introduction is not your bio.

I present mine in 18-point type and bullets rather than paragraphs. This makes it easier to read. Send a copy in advance and carry a copy with you.

Sims Wyeth is the president of Sims Wyeth & Co., specializing in presentation skills and public speaking training in order to give accomplished people the knowledge and skill they need to become accomplished speakers.

Thank you, Sims!

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