The Odd Couple Marketing & Strategy Seminar: Fripp, Weiss & Secret Weapons

Every year I have the pleasure of working with one of the most brilliant minds in the speaking and consulting world. Alan Weiss is THE consultant’s consultant! Author of 37 books. There are those who say “Patricia Fripp is THE speaker’s speaker and THE executive speech coach.” Together we are The Odd Couple. For 16 years we have delivered content rich seminars to help professional speakers, would be professional speakers, consultants, coaches and professionals who consider themselves consultants in their industries. This is your last chance to get to the 2011 The Odd Couple.

Patricia Fripp & Alan Weiss The Odd Couple Marketing Seminar for Speakers
Patricia Fripp & Alan Weiss The Odd Couple Marketing Seminar for Speakers

Here are some of the professionals who help us in our ventures that you can meet and learn from:

Dan Janal
How to Use New Media to Get New Business
Forget all the hype and fluff about social media. You’ll finally learn how to really get business from the Internet by building your brand, your visibility and your credibility using blogs and social media. This session will feature case studies from consultants, authors and speakers just like you. You’ll learn how to really take advantage of these new tools – and which ones to abandon. Get ready to take lots of notes. There won’t be any B.S. or fluff in this session. One lucky person will get a hot seat to have a Search Engine Marketing Make-Over.

Dan Janal  has earned his thought leadership position as a truly innovative thinker and publicity strategist since he wrote one of the first books about Internet marketing back in 1994. He’s taught at Berkeley and Stanford and has written six books for John Wiley that have been translated into six languages. He was on the PR team that launched AOL.
Dan works with small businesses, coaches, consultants and authors who want to get more inquiries, boost online sales, and keep a relationship with their customers online and offline through effective publicity marketing programs.

Chad Barr
Dominating the Web: How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage the Web to Dramatically Transform Their Businesses

As an entrepreneur, what can you do to  build a million dollar business? What are other million dollar  entrepreneurs doing with their Web sites that would help you break  through to the next level? How can you ditch the hum drum online  brochure about your company, and build a Web site that strengthens your  brand, wins new clients, generate more revenue and allows you to stand  out in the crowd.

In this program, Chad Barr , who created Alan Weiss’s  digital on-line empire, will show you how easy it is to make more money and build a community of loyal clients who love doing business with  you.

In this program you will:

Leverage the web to dominate your niche expertise
Create instant credibility
Analyze your Internet Strategic Profile
Create a Million Dollar blueprint to success
Attract clients with Internet Marketing Gravity
Build communities around your brand
Avoid key mistakes people make with their sites
Leverage social media effectively in your business
Easily incorporate podcasts and videos to reach new audiences
Quickly produce products to fill your accelerant curve and generate revenue
Develop a practical action plan to turbo-charge your growth

Bob Chesney 

Speak More and Travel Less!

Ask any expert who speaks professionally or trainer their least favorite part of their profession and they’ll tell you it is not the travel. In Bob Chesney’s presentation you’ll learn three strategies that will increase your income, present more opportunities to do what you were born to do, and spend more time with your significant other.

Chesney, a 20+ year NSA member and past president of the Los Angeles chapter is a secret weapon of dozens of CPAE’s and CSP’s.

Besides being a featured presenter at Jay Abraham’s marketing masterminds, Bob is a past CEO of two public companies and the host of America’s longest running business television program, Window on Wall Street.

After this presentation, you will be able to selectively agree where and when to travel and totally differentiate yourself from your competition while spending more times in your jammy bottoms.

Check out The Odd Couple June 25, 26, 2011. This will be recorded.