The consultant’s consultant and the speaker’s speaker

"Alan Weiss is the consultant's consultant, Patricia Fripp is the speaker's speaker, together they are an unbeatable force of business advice." Chad Barr, President CD Software. Alan Weiss interviewed me for his latest book. This question may be one you are interested in if you buidling your speaking and conslting practice.

How did you choose your early topics, since your prior career was as a hairdresser?

Alan, we teach speakers you get paid for what you know. You get paid well when you deliver what you know with impact. I realized I was an expert at building a small or medium size business.

My early topics were the result of what I did on a daily basis, “How to Get, Keep, and Deserve Customers” and “How to Promote Business.”

As a hairstylist I learned important business building advice from my successful entrepreneurial dad. Good fortune led me to always work with brilliant bosses such as Jay Sebring the Hollywood hairstylist, and I maximized my 45-minute haircutting sessions with my executive clients as an education. I would ask, “What made you the top sales person in your company?” and “What did you do to your small company that made a big one want to pay you millions of dollars for it?”

In the early days of my speaking career, sometimes audience members would ask, “Where did you get your MBA?” and “Are you an industrial physiologist?” I would reply, “No…just twenty-four years behind a hairstyling chair…taking advantage of opportunity.”

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