Speaking Wisdom – Never Out of Style

My friend Nancy Shina gave me a series of books on Practical Public Speaking that were written in 1926. They are amazing! Apart from using all male pronouns the advice is just as pertinent today.

The author F. H. Beckmann writes the benefits of public speaking are these:
– Personal Appearance
– Mental Organization
– Self Confidence
– Personality
– Salesmanship
– Incentive to Read and Study
– Concentration
– Recognition

Read his comments on Knowledge of the Subject.

There are some who claim that public speaking is merely knowing your subject. They take the attitude that having something to say is all that is necessary. That is not at all true.

You, perhaps, have listened to many speakers who knew their subjects thoroughly, but who, when they attempted to speak, actually bored their audiences. Merely knowing your subject is as far from public speaking as knowing the words of a song is from singing. A knowledge of one’s subject is vitally essential, but that alone does not give the ability to speak interestingly and correctly.

What have you done to practice before your presentation? How about tape yourself and listen? Asked a target audience to review your remarks?

Remember, there is no boring subject…only boring speakers.