Presentation Skills: Sims Wyeth Says Shy Guys Can Present

My East Coast Fripp Associate Sims Wyeth is brilliant at saying something worth listening to (or reading) with very few words.

Presentation Pointer:  Shy guys can present
Shy presenters are appealing to me because I see them as vulnerable and authentic. Also, like a British accent, shyness can boost a shy guy’s perceived intelligence quotient. For me, the shy have great credibility.
However, if a shy guy makes me worry he’s going to have a meltdown, or he speaks so quietly that I have trouble hearing him, or he cowers like a mouse, or he’s just plain boring because he refuses to actually SHOW UP as a personality, then I will get frustrated with him and tune out.

The best strategy for a shy presenter is to be concise, well-rehearsed, clever with words, and humorous now and then. Forget theatrics. That’s a language the shy should not dare to speak.

Sims Wyeth East Coast Fripp Associate
Sims Wyeth East Coast Fripp Associate Speech Coach

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