Public Speaking Secrets from Inside The Actors Studio with Sims Wyeth

My East Coast Fripp Associate Speech Coach Sims Wyeth has a great weekly email called Presentation Pointers. This is from last week.

“Minnows nibble my toes when I stand ankle-deep in a lake in upstate New York. But they soon lose interest when they learn my toes are inedible. Like minnows, your listeners will be drawn to you when you step to the front of the room. But the attention they give you at that moment is not willed—it’s instinctive. Soon their curiosity will fade, and they’ll have to force themselves to listen…unless you give them food for thought about their problems, their opportunities, and their interests.”

Perhaps you would like to listen in on my interview with Sims?

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Patricia Fripp Celebrity Series Interview with actor turned Executive Speech Coach Sims Wyeth
Monday, October 12, 6pm PST 9pm EST

“World Champions’ Edge Goes Inside The Actors Studio!
Learn what actor turned executive speech coach Sims Wyeth knows that we wish we knew!

You will learn how to:

  • Appreciate the relevance of acting as it relates to presenting
  • Prepare your text & for your performance
  • Connect to your partner…the other actor… or your audience
  • Develop a powerful voice
  • Prepare and maintain your body for performance
  • Let go and let magic happen!

In this special, up close and personal celebrity series interview,
Patricia will ask Sims the questions YOU want to know the answers to!

1.  Why is public speaking and presenting like the theater?
2.  How is public speaking and presenting not like the theater?
3.  What did you learn in actor training that relates to presentation training?
4.  What are the specific elements of actor training that most relate to public
5.  Do you recommend ambitious speakers seek out actor training?
6.  Do you find some of your executive clients believe that actor training leads to
7. Can you walk us through the process of how you help executives prepare for their presentations?

About Sims Wyeth:

Sims Wyeth is an East Coast Fripp Speech Coach Executive Speech Coach Associate. Sims has trained and consulted internationally in the areas of executive communication and presentation skills.
His expertise lies in public speaking, speech writing, presentation skills, and leadership communication.
Sims has worked with people from all functions and disciplines, from R&D to the executive suite… anyone who seeks to move people to feel, think, and take action in a business situation, whether they are making a sale, explaining research, or leading a company.

Sims is a frequent speaker at business symposia on subjects related to persuasion and communication. His research into the psychological and cognitive aspects of speech communication has been published in Business Week, USA Today, and C2M. As a bonus, early in his career Sims was trained as an actor. The skills he learned have been invaluable when adapted to the business environment.

Sims says, “If you look up sales in the encyclopedia, you won’t find much. But if you look up persuasion, you’ll find everything you need to know about business communication. It starts with the personal credibility of the communicator and ends with the listener feeling secure in their decision to say yes.”

His clients include professionals from many industries, including pharmaceuticals, financial and professional services, high-tech manufacturing, and many federal agencies. Among his clients are Gartner, McKinsey, AIG, Deutsche Bank, Pfizer, Abbott Capital, Brencourt Advisors, Littlejohn & Co., Para Advisors, Fiduciary Trust, and many others. He has also taught at New York University, Temple University, Yale University, The University of New Orleans, and The New School for Social Research.