Good Presentation Skills from THE Executive Speech Coach

Good Presentation Skills: Watch the "right" and "OK" and "so" after you end a sentence or thought.
This week I worked with a client who ended almost every sentence with "right." He was aware of it; his sales professionals kept mentioning it. In two days of training in his speech this morning he was almost "right" less!

I mentioned when he did this it made him look as if he were not confident and asking for agreement.
The habit of using any non words including…so…OK…right…you know…kills the impact phrase which is the last one in the sentence.

As my associate Sims Wyeth told me, "The spaces between words are as important to your message as the words themselves. I spent a day with a brilliant man who wedged into the spaces between his words handfuls of “Okays?” and “You knows.” They gummed up the works. His message was scuttled by noise."

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