Forrest Gump is alive and well! Fripp’s brush with fame!

Forrest Gump is alive and well! YOU can find him in convention halls, conference centers and as I did on Pier 39 in San Francisco. One thing you can take to the bank, no matter what the size of his audience he keeps them smiling and having fun.

OK! You are right Forrest Gump is a character in a movie. However, when you meet my new friend and National Speakers Association member Steve Weber you want to buy into the fantasy.

He has an amazing story about how he used his Gumption and parlayed his resemblance to Tom Hanks
(ever since Tom’s Bosom Buddies days) into convincing Bubba Gumps restaurant chain to hire him to entertain their customers on the way in. We had lunch in the Bubba Gump restaurant in San Francisco. What a good job they do in carrying out the theme. Our server Chris Gewehr had not met Steve before. Chris had seen the movie 30 times BEFORE he was hired. He tried his best to stump Steve with movie trivia.

My brush with fame was amazing and fun.

I learned Steve Weber is a hot up and comer in my world of professional speaking.
You can sell an idea that leads to a new career is you have Gumption.
Bubba Gumps is a fun chain and theme their restaurants well. Food to great as well.
By the amount of people who went to Pier 39 that Sunday people are spending $.
If you go for lunch ask for server Chris Gewehr. Tell him Forrest and Fripp say “Hi!”